BRYAN ADAMS – Reckless +3 [Numbered Limited Edition Remastered SHM-CD] *EXCLUSIVE*

BRYAN ADAMS - Reckless +3 [Numbered Limited Edition Remastered SHM-CD] full

And here’s another request: the rare, out of print, collectors numbered Limited Edition remastered Japanese release of BRYAN ADAMS blockbuster album “Reckless”, pressed on high quality SHM-CD. This version is of particular interest ‘cos include as bonus track the B-side “Diana”, retired from distribution by Adams himself, not available into any other reissue / compilation, and in my opinion, one of the best Bryan songs ever.

Originally a B-side of the single ‘Heaven’ in some countries, “Diana” even doesn’t appeared as bonus into the recent ‘Reckless’ 30th Anniversary remastered release, and as far we know, this Japanese limited edition is the only one to feature the song on CD.

Though the song is assumed to be about the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, the lyrics never explicitly identifies the characters as such.
Adams often performed the song during his live concerts up until the day of Diana’s death after which he retired the song permanently, and seems he asked to not be re-released as well.

Musically, “Diana” is a great Adams melodic rocker from his pen and with Jim Vallance co-writing, and deserved to be included into ‘Reckless’ definitive track list.
The other 2 bonus tracks are taken from the rare 2-sided single ‘Christmas Time’ originally appeared in 1985, and only reissued on CD in Japan in 1994.

BRYAN ADAMS - Reckless +3 [Numbered Limited Edition Remastered SHM-CD] back

Regarding the remaster and the SHM-CD, if you ask me, it sounds better thant the ‘Reckless 30th Anniversary’, better balanced and more defined in the overall spectrum.
A collectors item, and a must have album.

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『  Limited  Edition  SHM-CD  』

01 – One Night Love Affair
02 – She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’
03 – Run To You
04 – Heaven
05 – Somebody
06 – Summer Of ’69
07 – Kids Wanna Rock
08 – It’s Only Love
09 – Long Gone
10 – Ain’t Gonna Cry
11 – Diana [B-side]
12 – Christmas Time
13 – Reggae Christmas

Tracks 11 to 13 are bonus tracks (ボーナス・トラック)
Issued in a card sleeve mini-LP replica. Includes a paper inner sleeve; an insert with unique Copy No.; a 20-page black and white booklet with Japanese/English track list, Japanese commentaries, English and Japanese lyrics; and OBI.

Bryan Adams – vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, hand claps
Keith Scott – guitars, backing vocals
Jim Vallance – percussion, songwriting
Tommy Mandel – keyboards
Dave Taylor – bass
Pat Steward – drums, backing vocals
Mickey Curry – drums
Steve Smith – drums on “Heaven”
Jody Perpick – backing vocals
Tina Turner – lead vocals on “It’s Only Love”



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4 Responses

  1. Rayv says:

    Nice! I have never understood why Diana hasn’t been on any of the numerous comps. Definitely one of his best. Thanks!

    • rodrigo gaspar says:

      Seriously, the royal family never liked it very much. It came out of the original Reckless to play on the safe side. It is in the context of later Bryan kind of (fakingly) flirting with Diana during the Prince’s Trust charity concerts, ans she saying he was her favorite singer. It killed any chances.

  2. Tommy D says:

    Thank’s for uploading this one.

  3. Omar says:

    Tanks a lot Admin , Great Album

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