TRIXTER – Human Era [iTunes version +2] (re-post)

TRIXTER - Human Era [iTunes version +2] (2015) full

Frontiers Music released the latest studio album from US melodic hard rockers TRIXTER, titled “Human Era“, following on the heels of the successful new millennium comeback album New Audio Machine. TRIXTER is returning stronger than ever here, delivering a collection of songs with a sound reminiscent of their earlier work which they were well known for in the early ’90s.

If you’re reading this blog, you know Trixter very well, for younger fans, Trixter sound fits in nicely to an album collection next to Bon Jovi, Danger Danger, Def Leppard, Van Halen and all the late ’80 Californian Rock.
With a successful resurrection in 2008 and the first new album in twenty years in 2012, the New Jersey band is still alive and kicking.
And they’re still rocking like it’s 1990 on their fourth album “Human Era”.

Actually, Trixter sounds better now than they did 25 years ago. Time and musical maturity seems to have given Trixter a greater creative spirit. Or maybe simply, in the current popular American music scene, nobody does this type of music anymore. And this good.
The strength of classic melodic hard rock has always come from songwriting that is high on melody, groove, and simple accessibility, the turn of a lyric, the catchy refrain, a memorable melody. Trixter works from those strengths and delivers some classy, catchy, and entertaining melodic hard rock.

‘Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night’ and ‘Crash The Party’ will have you thinking you warped back to 1990: thick riffs, tons of groove, some gang backing vocals, wicked leads, and that party attitude, all suitable for a backyard kegger.

For some groove and meat, ‘For You’ is rather unstoppable, and the drum and riffage at the starts winds the top up. Similar is ‘All Night Long’, where the pace is brisk but steady, with a strong vocal arrangement.
And what would classic hard rock be without the arena anthem, and ‘Every Second Counts’ delivers. It’s that melody twisted with a great chorus that drives the song.

Production on this is really good enhancing the melodies as well as the mix which keeps the keyboard arrangements in the background providing sustain but not capping the sharp guitar attack.
“Human Era” finds Trixter dead on, once more hitting the mark, with their classic melodic hard rock recipe.


01 – Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night
02 – Crash that Party
03 – Not Like All the Rest
04 – For You
05 – Every Second Counts
06 – Beats Me Up
07 – Good Times Now
08 – Midnight in Your Eyes
09 – All Night Long
10 – Soul of a Lovin’ Man
11 – Human Era
12 – Always A Victim (acoustic version – bonus track iTunes)
13 – Road Of A Thousand Dreams (re-recorded version – bonus track iTunes)

Peter Loran – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Steve Brown – lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
P. J. Farley – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mark “Gus” Scott – drums, percussion, backing vocals



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