THE ANSWER – Rise 10th Anniversary Edition [2CD Remastered] + Special Ed. Bonus disc

THE ANSWER - Rise 10th Anniversary Edition Remastered - full

Requested by one of you; here’s THE ANSWER debut album “Rise: 10th Anniversary Edition“, a remastered expanded reissue of their most successful album which sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Fully remastered, this celebratory edition comes bundled with all sorts of extras including the never before heard 2004 demos, rare acoustic versions and exclusive mixes of tracks that never made the original album. But wait… there was as well a Special Edition of the album, with a bonus disc including other rarities and B-sides.

The artwork has been revised by original designer Paul Chessell and the track listing includes the original album remastered, 8 demos from 2004 and 4 mixes of tracks from 2006 plus a brand new mix of Under The Sky.
Listening to “Rise” from a reviewing perspective, it’s hearty bluesy rock through-and-through, flows terrifically, and is undeniably a group of artists who know what they’re aiming for from the early stages, and they’re still rocking ten years later.

About the bonus CD of extras, it starts out with a completely refreshed version of ‘Under The Sky’, recorded earlier this year to commemorate their milestone. From the moment the song begins, it’s incredible how much subtle yet powerful alterations have been made to what is considered one of the bands’ most renowned tracks.
While retaining the classic bluesy sound associated with The Answer, the new track has been made to come across alot more ballsy and dominant, which is insane to hear in a track that already has such a presence.
In a way, it acts as a marker in illustrating the growth the band has made since their early years, and how they feel their sound has changed.

THE ANSWER - Rise 10th Anniversary Edition Remastered (2016) cd photo

Many of the demos are what you can expect, early workings of songs which later developed in full. I would say the primary focus on acoustic tracks helped to highlight Cormac Neeson’s unique and dexterous vocals, which bring together the blues-laced harmony of Robert Plant, and raspy power of David Coverdale.
If you need a single reason to get your hands on the second disc, it’s to listen to the exclusive mix, ‘Not Listening’. An uplifting track with elements of Soul, Blues, and Hard Rock that work in perfect harmony alongside the uplifting vocals and energy.

But wait, a ‘Special Edition’ version of the album was released in 2007 under the name “Rise: Special Edition”. It contained two discs, with the first being the original “Rise” track listing, and the second being a collection of B-Sides, live recordings, as well as some acoustic sessions.
Also known as “Rise II”, the disc is stacked full of classic rock tracks including an electrifying live radio session of ‘No Questions Asked’.

THE ANSWER - Rise 10th Anniversary Edition [2CD Remastered] + Special Ed. Bonus disc - back

Among the fifteen previously unreleased material, there are three tracks recorded live from the road in Tokyo from their tour with Shibuya AX, including ‘Come Follow Me’, ‘Sometimes Your Love’ and ‘Be What You Want’. These live recording really showcase The Answer’s brilliantly energetic live show.

If like many, you loved The Answer’s “Rise”, or even better, never heard the album, this is the best way to discover this really good record as the fresh remastering is truly awesome.
The release certainly sees the band marking and celebrating what has gone before, whilst very much having one eye on what is yet to come.
This is one of the best Classic Rock albums from this Millennium folks.
Highly Recommended


10th Anniversary Edition: CD1: Rise [Remastered]
01. Under The Sky
02. Never Too Late
03. Come Follow Me
04. Be What You Want
05. Memphis Water
06. No Questions Asked
07. Into The Gutter
08. Sometimes Your Love
09. Leavin’ Today
10. Preachin’
11. Always

10th Anniversary Edition: CD2: Extras
01. Under The Sky (2016 Mix)
02. Never Too Late (2004 Demo)
03. New Day Rising (2004 Demo)
04. Too Far Gone (2004 Demo)
05. Preachin’ (2004 Demo)
06. Always (2004 Demo)
07. Tonight (2004 Demo)
08. So Cold (2004 Demo)
09. Song For The People (2004 Demo)
10. Take It Easy (2006 Recording)
11. Not Listening (Exclusive Mix) (Exclusive Mix)
12. Keep Believin (2006) (2006 Recording)
13. Rise (2006 Recording)

Special Edition CD2: Unreleased
01. Keep Believin’ (Unreleased Chris Sheldon version)
02. I Won’t Let You Down (Under The Sky B-side)
03. Sweet Emotion (Be What You Want B-side)
04. Doctor (Under The Sky B-side)
05. So Cold (Come Follow Me B-side)
06. Rock Bottom Blues (B-side)
07. Some Unity (B-side)
08. No Questions Asked (Radio Session) (Be What You Want B-side)
09. Into The Gutter (Acoustic) (Be What You Want B-side)
10. Only The Strong Survive (Unreleased version from Rise sessions)
11. Not Listening (Unreleased version from Rise sessions)
12. Come Follow Me (Live in Tokyo)
13. Sometimes Your Love (Live in Tokyo)
14. Be What You Want/Moment Jam (Live in Tokyo)
15. Take It Easy (Unreleased version from Rise sessions)

Cormac Neeson – Lead vocals
Paul Mahon – Guitar
Micky Waters – Bass
James Heatley – Drums


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