SHOGUN – ST [Steelheart Memories remastered +1] Out Of Print

SHOGUN - ST [Steelheart Memories remastered +1] full

As requested, here’s the first, self-titled album by British rockers SHOGUN, in its remastered reissue version including a bonus track. This is not the Nineties reissue, but the last available done by Steelheart Memories, the label who also release the celebrated UK & US Lost Jewels series, already out of print.

Shotgun was formed towards the end of 1985 by ex- Tokyo Blade vocalist Alan Marsh alongside former Chinatown guitarist Danny Gwilym. As you see, the Far-East / Japanese imaginary and culture were part of these guys since their roots.
Originally released in 1986, this debut “Shogun” is pretty NWOBHM in sound & style, however the in much more melodic side of that musical movement.

‘Too Much In Love’, ‘Tokyo Girl’, ‘Time Will Tell’ are just killer slices of ’80s melodic metal, very melodious and even with some AOR touches here and there, a style the band will fully develop on their following album 31 Days.
Put together the more commercial ’80s side of Judas Priest, some Praying Mantis, Bronz and UFO, a dash of early Dokken, and you have “Shotgun”.

Production wasn’t the best, but this remastered reissue taken from the original tapes adds a fully clearer output to this really good ’80s product.
Highly Recommended


1 – Too Much In Love
2 – Time Will Tell
3 – Too Late For the Hunter
4 – TV Hero
5 – Burning Down the Night
6 – When the Lights Go Down
7 – Tokyo Girl
8 – Only the Lonely
9 – High In the Sky

Alan Marsh – vocals
Danny Gwilym – guitar
Toby Martin – guitar
Andy Wrighton – bass
Bob Richards – drums
Cliff Stafford – drums


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  1. Love says:

    Does the label Steelheart Memories still exist? I can’t find a webpage or any other presence it. How is one even supposed to find out about them?

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