SHOGUN – 31 Days [Steelheart Memories remastered +2] *EXCLUSIVE*

SHOGUN - 31 Days [Steelheart Memories remastered +2] full

As requested, here’s the hard to find / out of print, remastered reissue of British rockers SHOGUN awesome second album “31 Days” , including two bonus tracks. This is the Limited Edition to 500 copies done by Steelheart Memories, the label who also release the celebrated UK & US Lost Jewels series.

The story tells that after having recorded a successful debut album with Tokyo Blade, singer Alan Marsh was fired due artistic discrepancies. Together with former Chinatown guitar player Danny Gwilym, Marsh formed Shogun in 1984, a name referring to his knowledge and respect for the Oriental culture.

One year after Shogun released their self-titled debut, a very good rocking disc blending Tokyo Blade’s NWOBHM melodic sounds with some Def Leppard re-runs.
In 1987 the band recruited ex-Tokyo Blade rhythm section Andy Wrighton (bass) & Steve Pearce (drums) and sign to Jet Records before releasing their second album “31 Days”.

“31 Days” shows Shogun updating the songwriting style, moving to a more Americanized melodic hard rock sound with AOR touches, still retaining the typical British scent.
The result was this first class keyboard driven Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album with powerful guitars and soaring vocals recalling the style of UK bands like Shy, Peroux, After Hours, and Moritz, or international acts such as White Sister, Skagarack and Surgin.

Just listen to the awesome opener “Cloak And Dagger” as an example: this is a pure, classic rockin’ AOR delight which has got a White Sister vibe happening throughout. Or taste the tantalizing synth flurries in the melodic “Love Is A Game”, a wonderful tune with an infectious chorus.

This is the second press of “31 Days”, where a couple of tracks were remixed by Bob Ezrin (The Babys, Kiss, Hurricane); the killer AOR ballad “Voices From The Heart”, and the MHR anthem “Out Of Love Again”, both infectiously AWESOME.
As bonus tracks, this Steelheart Memories remastered reissue includes two different verions of these terrific tracks: ‘Voices From The Heart (Original Version-Different Lyrics)’, and ‘Out Of Love Again (Original Arrangement)’.

Approved by guitarist Danny Gwilym, he claims this version of “31 Days” is the first properly remastered. For years there were rumors that the original tapes were lost in a flood many years ago, and the digital transfer must be done from a vinyl LP. True or not, this is the best sounding release of “31 Days” to date.
“31 Days” suffered from recording studio troubles while being created back in the day, and the production wasn’t the best in the world… but the music is truly spectacular.

SHOGUN - 31 Days [Steelheart Memories remastered +2] back

“31 Days” is an ’80s British Melodic Hard Rock / AOR classic, cult album, fulls of impressive songs in this genre propelled by driving melodic guitars, swirling keyboards and powerful clean vocals.
By 1987, Shogun got the punch from their NWOBHM roots and the catchiness of the Melodic Hard / AOR from the era, and the results in this “31 Days” are to die for.
A Must Have


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01 – Cloak and Dagger
02 – Shock to the Heart
03 – Voices from the Heart [Bob Ezrin remix]
04 – You are what You are
05 – Love is a Game
06 – Cold Truth
07 – If Tomorrow Comes
08 – Can’t Live Without Your Love
09 – First Time
10 – Out of Love Again [Bob Ezrin remix]
11 – Voices From The Heart (Original Version-Different Lyrics)
12 – Out Of Love Again (Original Arrangement)

Alan Marsh – lead and backing vocals
Danny Gwilym – guitars, backing vocals
Ian Marshall – keyboards, backing vocals
Andy Wrighton – bass, backing vocals
Steve Pierce – drums, percussion


Out Of Print

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