MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK – Played On Pepper [25th Anniversary Remastered +6]

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK - Played On Pepper [25th Anniversary Remastered +6] full

The essential discography of Danish band MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK has been remastered and reissued with a bunch of bonus tracks. After featuring here the band’s first two albums, here’s the third, “Played On Pepper [25th Anniversary Remastered +6]” including six extras in its Asian ADMS Alloy Gold CD pressing. This album includes one of my favorite MLTR songs ever; “Someday”.

I always had a soft spot for Michael Learns To Rock, a band combining melodic rock&pop elegance with elaborated harmonies and a light AOR atmosphere.
The aim of these Danes was – and it is to this day – to create polished, timeless melodies to please all audiences mixing European and American influences from all eras, 70, 80, 90s, and more.
And they succeeded.
Michael Learns To Rock not only did it very well in the charts all over the world; they are huge in Asia.

“Played On Pepper” is their best selling album, with over 1 million copies worldwide on ly a year after released.
It also spawn some of their biggest hits and most well known songs such as ‘That’s Why (You Go Away)’, ‘How Many Hours’, the ballad ’25 Minutes’, and the aforementioned ‘Someday’. Just love this song. And we find here a previously unheard version as bonus track.

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK - Played On Pepper [25th Anniversary Remastered +6] back

Michael Learns To Rock delivers ear candy melodies, classy rock&pop. lite AOR and superb ballads served with an instantly appealing set of harmonies and a pristine production, emphasized here by a crystal clear remastering job.
Highly Recommended


01 – Breaking The Rules
02 – Someday
03 – That’s Why (You Go Away)
04 – Love Will Never Lie
05 – Judgement Day
06 – Hot To Handle
07 – How Many Hours
08 – You’ll Never Know
09 – Take Off Your Clothes
10 – Naked Like The Moon
11 – That’s Why (You Go Away) (String Arrangement) [Bonus]
12 – Time For Changes (Bonus Track) [Bonus]
13 – The Loss Of A Friend [Bonus]
14 – That’s Why (You Go Away) (Demo) [Bonus]
15 – How Many Hours (Demo) [Bonus]
16 – Someday (Demo) [Bonus]

Jascha Richter – lead vocals, keyboards
Mikkel Lentz – guitars, keyboards
Kåre Wanscher – drums, percussion
Søren Madsen – bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, percussion



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