KIP WINGER – Get Jack (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

KIP WINGER - Get Jack (2019) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Released today and presented in exclusive at 0dayrox, “Get Jack” is the new musical adventure of KIP WINGER. This is a concept / Rock musical album written by Kip and acclaimed director Damien Gray telling the story of five women on the night they were murdered and mutilated by Jack The Ripper, coming back to get their revenge. It fuses Rock with classically influenced music, and the results are pretty awesome.

With a talented cast of vocalists and musicians, creators C.F. Kip Winger (that’s how he’s called these days) and Damien Gray have spent four years developing the piece and are now ready to debut it in the form of a concert and album release.
This is a fully sung through, fully orchestrated musical where they immortalize the women who Jack The Ripper killed, and set them loose to come back from Hell to GET JACK.

In C.F. Kip Winger words: “I had been wanting to write a bigger work that would push my envelope into a new realm. My vision was a full orchestra work that rocked. Naturally, coming from my Hard Rock background, I combined my past with my present. Rock and Classical.

“I often think to myself, I couldn’t have written Get Jack without having worked with Alice Cooper. That gave me the edge of authenticity to go deep into the horror of the story without being cheesy.
For those of you who know my work, you know that I am uncompromising when it comes to high quality music, performance and production. When I record an album, my intention is that it will stand the test of time.”

And indeed, “Get Jack” is superbly produced. While with a ‘musical’ format and including orchestral parts, mostly this 2-CD piece of work is based on Rock instrumentation / arrangements.
The story is always captivating, creepy, which reminds you Alice Cooper imaginary mixed with Meat Loaf pomposity. A journey through one of the most murderously debated, debunked, and devoured tales of all time: Jack The Ripper.

Here, the story gets “ripped” to guitar shreds as the musical focuses on the five female victims of Jack The Ripper rising from the dead to track down their bastard killer and take their glorious revenge.
“Get Jack” combines Kip Winger’s mastery of classical compositions and rock glory in one bloodtastic musical. Through the dark streets of the Whitechapel Slum, headlong into the mind of a serial killer, acclaimed and innovative book writer, lyricist and director Damien Gray gives voice to the vindicated victims.

The killer concept album cast features The Canonical Five (the five victims): Eden Espinosa (“Wicked”, “Rags”) as Catherine Eddows, Charissa Hogeland (“BAZ”, “Heathers: The Musical”) as Mary Jane Kelly, Katie Thompson (“Gypsy”, “Pump Boys And Dinettes”) as Annie Chapman, Carrie Manolakos (“Wicked”) as Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols, and Shannon Conley (“Hedwig And The Angry Inch”) as Elizabeth Stride.

The male characters are performed by Tony Award winner Levi Kreis (“Million Dollar Quartet”s Jerry Lee Lewis) as The Player, PJ Griffith (“Rock Of Ages”, “We Will Rock You”, “Mamma Mia!”) as The Keeper, and Michael Falzon (Australia’s “Rock of Ages” and “Hedwig And The Angry Inch”) as BitPart.
These guys really rocked on the “Rock Of Ages” musical from some years ago, and they really add that ‘Rock muscle’ here in “Get Jack”.

KIP WINGER - Get Jack (2019) back cover

When music is so good that it sends chills down your spine, that’s when you know you’ve tapped into something special. All of Mr. Kip Winger’s music has the ability to do just that.
His music and creative genius knows no boundaries and cannot be limited to just one genre. “Get Jack” has three of my favorite things all rolled into one: Rock, horror and orchestral music.

This is one of the most interesting and intriguing musicals I have ever heard. The concept is unique, and brilliantly executed. It has the potential to be an unforgettable work of art, emotional, passional.
Kip Winger is broadening his horizons even further with “Get Jack”. The scope, depth and diversity of the musical mind and imagination of this incredible yet criminally underrated artist is finally at hand.
He has outdone himself with his musical talents, combining the Rock roots with the orchestrated / progressive orientation he has been developing recently.

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CD 1
01 – A Killer Prelude
02 – All We Have Is a Name
03 – Bitpart
04 – Her
05 – The Polly Nichols Interview
06 – Mr. Wilmont
07 – Black Bonnet Silence
08 – The Player’s First Interlude
09 – The Annie Chapman Interview
10 – A Lady in Peril
11 – Dear Boss
12 – The Player’s Second Interlude
13 – Theatre of Blood
14 – The Player’s Third Interlude
15 – Left Handed Wives
16 – From Hell
17 – The Mary Jane Kelly Interview
18 – A Violet from Mother’s Grave
19 – August One Falls
20 – Blood in Whitechapel
21 – The Player’s Fourth Interlude
22 – Get Jack

CD 2
01 – Agony in Red
02 – The Night Train
03 – Interviewing Nothing
04 – The King of Saturday Night
05 – Hell’s Kitchen
06 – For the Love of Rain
07 – Forever Erased
08 – Funny Little Games
09 – A Requiem for Nothing
10 – Dawn Breaks the Darkness
11 – Agony in Red – Part 2
12 – The Devil’s Due
13 – Each Our Own Devil
14 – The Final Interlude

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass: CF Kip Winger
Songwriting, Director: Damien Gray
The Memphis Full Orchestra
Eden Espinosa
Katie Thompson
Charissa Hogeland
Levi Kreis
Michael Falzon
Carrie Manolakos
Shannon Conley
PJ Griffith



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