H.E.A.T – Live At Sweden Rock Festival [Japan Edition] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

H.E.A.T - Live At Sweden Rock Festival [Japan Edition] (2019) full

Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR heroes H.E.A.T will release their new album ‘Live at Sweden Rock Festival’ on July 26, 2019 via EAR Music, but we have hare in exclusive at 0dayrox the Japanese Edition appeared today.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise H.E.A.T. is one of the finest Melodic Rock bands out there at the moment to play music that has all the hallmarks of the great acts of the 80s. A dozen years old this year H.E.A.T. is also a band that hasn’t put a foot wrong for me either and delivered five flawless albums, even if 2017’s ‘Into the Great Unknown’ did break the cycle of an album every two years.

If you like H.E.A.T.’s studio work then just wait till you see them live. They are one of those rare bands whose studio output only hints at what’s to come when you get in the same room as them!
OK I realize that Sweden Rock is rather a large stage to be called a ‘room’ but you get the point.

How then can you possibly review a live album like this? I mean the recording itself sounds great. The performance is exceptional. And both the band and the audience appear to be on top form.
For once I can honestly say OK if you’ve never heard of this band buy the ‘live’ album (think of how few bands you can say that of).

Opening as the latest studio offering does with ‘Bastard of Society’ you know from the off that this is a band who don’t mess around, they’re also a band that doesn’t have that awkward part mid way through the gig where they either get all deep and meaningful or drop in a few dodgy songs as the catalogue doesn’t quite stand up.
H.E.A.T. has no such moments, they don’t have songs like that, this is Rock and Roll through and through.

The only surprise for me is that they then jump straight to ‘Late Night Lady’ from the debut right after, it’s a nice surprise and a great song to get you fired-up. And ‘Mannequin Show’ that they follow up with is huge with the crowd.
‘Redefined’ is one of the band’s best songs from their 2017 album, a song that layers on the keys and changes the pace completely, and it seems to work rather wickedly well under the Swedish skies.

‘Heartbreaker’ of course further heats up proceedings again, whilst new songs ‘Shit City’ and the EP ‘Beg Beg Beg’ don’t miss a beat and don’t seem out of place at all.
It’s the second half of the set though that really shows the class of this band: ‘Tearing Down the Walls’ keeps up the pace with busy instrumentation, and the wonderful ‘Eye of the Storm’ has all the passion and intensity you recall and separates it from two other album-mates in ‘Emergency’ and ‘Inferno’ which both packing huge punches.

H.E.A.T - Live At Sweden Rock Festival [Japan Edition] (2019) back

By the time we hit ‘Living on the Run’ you feel the band has the entire crowd in their hands. ‘A Shot at Redemption’ the crowning glory of ‘Tearing Down the Walls’ of course closes.
On “Live At Sweden Rock Festival” H.E.A.T rocks, the new songs sound great, and the ‘big stage arenas’ were made for them.
Killerrrr / Highly Recommended


01. Bastards of Society
02. Late Night Lady
03. Mannequin Show
04. Redefined
05. Heartbreaker
06. Shit City
07. Beg Beg Beg
08. Tearing Down The Walls
09. Eye of The Storm
10. Emergency
11. Inferno
12. Living On The Run
13. A Shot At Redemption

Vocals: Erik Grönwall
Guitars: Dave Dalone
Keyboards: Jona Tee
Bass: Jimmy Jay
Drums: Crash



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