GLORY – Danger In This Game [Japan / Remastered] Out Of Print

GLORY - Danger In This Game [Japan / Remastered] full

These were requested and both are must haves in your collection: Swedes GLORY first two albums in the only remastered version available, Japanese edition. “Danger In This Game” is Glory’s debut, and a terrific slice of pure Scandi AOR it is.
Formed in the mid Eighties, Glory was part of Scandinavian MHR/AOR explosion along side the likes of Treat, Europe, Alien, TNT, Dalton, Fate, etc.

After recording some quality demos, Glory got signed by a local recording label, and all these songs would eventually make up their stupendous “Danger In This Game” debut album.
The powerful guitar / synth driven title track ‘Danger In This Game’ immediately sets the scene, plenty of soaring clean vocals and harmonies.
However that great opener is topped by the following 2 tracks, the amazing ‘Never Stop’ and ‘Feel The Fire’: spectacular melodious guitars and majestic keyboards are all over the place. The latter is a brooding mistempo AOR ballad with a killer refrain.

‘Runaway’ shoulda been a world hit single with its infectious melody, including sooth lead vocals, some spiky keyboards and fluid soloing from guitar hero Jan Granwick (Kee Marchello / Norum influenced). He shines again on ‘Like An Eagle’ and despite the coincidence, one can’t help think about fellow Swedes Talk Of The Town who did a similar sounding tune called ‘Free Like An Eagle’.

One of Glory’s earlier tracks ‘I’m Hurt’ which initially came out on a 2 track single in 1988, is another outstanding song,.. dude, this is what melodic rock is all about!
Chuck in a pair of anthemic belters such as ‘This Is The Love’ and the excellent ‘Survivor’ earmark this as one of the definitive Swedish releases from the ’80s.

GLORY - Danger In This Game [Japan / Remastered] back

Originally released in the ‘glorious‘ year 1989, Glory’s “Danger In This Game” is pure Scandi AOR gold, piced with melodic hard riffs and catchiness.
This very hard to find Japanese reissue is the only remastering available: it really sounds fuller than the original. It’s a ’90s remaster, that meaning balanced and not ‘over the top’ like current ones, something that many fans prefer.
A marvelous album from start to finish.


01 – Danger In This Game
02 – Never Stop
03 – Feel The Fire
04 – This Is The Love
05 – Runaway
06 – Like An Eagle
07 – Harmony
08 – I’m Hurt
09 – Tell Me (If I’m Wrong)
10 – Survivor
11 – Exhibition

Peter Eriksson – vocals
Andy Loos – bass, backing vocals
Jonas Sandqvist – keyboards, piano
Jan Granwick – guitars
Matt Driver – drums


Out Of Print

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