GLORY – 2 Forgive Is 2 Forget [Japan / Remastered] Out Of Print

GLORY - 2 Forgive Is 2 Forget [Japan / Remastered] full

Here’s another request of must have albums in your collection: Swedes GLORY first two discs in the only remastered version available, Japanese edition. “2 Forgive Is 2 Forget” is Glory’s second effort, and according to early ’90s, their sound slightly morphed to a harder direction. Still, the melodies are to die for in the classic Scandinavian fashion.
Curiously, while the record features additional keyboard contributions by two players, overall the album is much more guitar driven than its predecessor.

For their second album Glory changed a bit the sound in a similar fashion that Europe, Treat, TNT, etc did: more rocking yet catchy melodic hard rock with AOR feeling, and an ‘American’ touch hera and there.
Songs like “Taking It Day By Day” y “Love Never Lasts” are among the best Glory ever wrote, and both are among the ’90s Scandi melodic hard rock from the decade.

Do you miss the sound of Glory’s first album? Hit play then to “Tonight”, and you’ll be sent back to 1988 by that awesome AOR line and chorus. Just love this song.
“Miracles” is catchy as Hell, while “What Can We Do” rocks with a great guitar work and tight instrumentation.
Another winner for me comes in the mid-tempo for of “Can’t Hide Your Tears”, pumped by a great rhythm section and where Eriksson’s vocals shine.

GLORY - 2 Forgive Is 2 Forget [Japan / Remastered] back

For their second album “2 Forgive Is 2 Forget” Glory hardened their sound, but don’t be fooled, the magic Scandi melodies are all over this killer record. This reminds me of Treat’s progression from their 87s AOR album ‘Dreamhunter’ to the more punchy / rocking ‘Organised Crime’, including some Americanisms into the mix.

This very hard to find Japanese reissue is the only remastering available: it really sounds fuller than the original. It’s a ’90s remaster, that meaning balanced and not ‘over the top’ like current ones, something that many fans prefer.
Killer Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album.


01 – 2 Forgive Is 2 Forget
02 – Miracles
03 – What Can We Do
04 – Tonight
05 – Doctor Of The Blues
06 – Love Never Lasts
07 – Stand Up And Shout
08 – Can’t Hide Your Tears
09 – Taking It Day By Day
10 – Tease ‘n’ Please
11 – Bourree’

Peter Eriksson – vocals, keyboards
Jan Granwick – guitars
Andy Loos – bass
Matt Driver – drums
Mats Lindfors, Pelle Blom – add. keyboards, synths


Out Of Print

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