BILLY SHERWOOD – Archived (deleted release)

BILLY SHERWOOD - Archived (2016) full

Current Yes bass player BILLY SHERWOOD (replacing the late Chris Squire) released this solo album entitled “Archived“, some kind of self-release originally only available to purchase at his website, now deleted.

Billy Sherwood recently found himself in a position that was both enviable and deeply sad. Tabbed to rejoin Yes on a temporary basis in place of his mentor Chris Squire, Sherwood ended up completing a tour held in memory of the legendary bassist, who died in June, 2015, after a short battle with leukemia.
Squire had, of course, first introduced Billy Sherwood into the Yes fold. Their song “The More We Live,” written and demoed apart from Yes, appeared on the band’s 1991 Union release.

Over the following years, Sherwood toured both with the Chris Squire Experiment and with Yes, in support of 1994’s Talk. He then co-produced and mixed the Keys to Ascension projects in 1996-97 before joining Yes full time for 1997’s Open Your Eyes and 1999’s The Ladder.
Squire and Sherwood later formed Conspiracy, which released a pair of albums in the 2000s before Sherwood returned as a mixer for Yes’ 2014’s Heaven and Earth.

That made approaching Billy Sherwood as a fill-in tour bassist during Chris Squire’s treatment a no-brainer, but also deepened the emotional impact when Squire suddenly passed away.
After Sherwood completed Yes’ last summer tour, he’s turned his attentions to solo work.
Now signed with Frontiers Music, Billy released two albums with the label, the last featured at 0dayrox few days ago.

When I saw the title of this new album “Archived”, the first thing I thought was: a collection of outtakes / alternate versions / discarded music to make some money. Wrong.
All tracks in “Archived” are brand new compositions and the album takes its name from one song included. And the best news are that these are some of the best material Billy Sherwood has recorded in his solo career.

While his recent major label albums are pretty ‘progressive’, this self-managed “Archived” shows Billy Sherwood’s more – dare I say – ‘commercial’, accessible side.
If you – like me – love the sound of both stellar bands that Billy Sherwood helmed in the ’80s (World Trade and Lodgic) then you’ll truly enjoy “Archived”.

Of course melodies are blended with some neo-prog vibe akin Yes/Trevor Rabin era, some Asia and why not, GTR. Sherwood reserve as well a couple of tracks for his more classy-prog side, but most the material here is uptempo, energetic light proggy rock with dynamics and accessibility.
Not available anymore / deleted.
STRONGLY Recommended


01 – Never Enough
02 – Life’s Carusel
03 – Out Of Mind
04 – Breaking The Cycle
05 – Archived
06 – Empathy
07 – Moment Of Clarity
08 – Right On Track
09 – Go No Go
10 – Get A Life
11 – I Am

Billy Sherwood: All instruments and vocals



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