ZEBRA – Zebra [Rock Candy remaster]

ZEBRA - Zebra [Rock Candy remaster] (2013) full

The first, self-titled album by ZEBRA has been reissued by Rock Candy with their usual “Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition” form, in a fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. Zebra had been together since forming in the mid-seventies in New Orleans. Led by guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter Randy Jackson, the group started to gain notoriety when they migrated to Long Island, NY and furiously played in that area’s club and college scene.
Their music impressed Atlantic Records, who signed the group to a five album deal right out of the gate in late 1982.

This seemed like a wise business deal for the suits as “Zebra” became the fastest selling debut record in Atlantic Records history when it sold over 75,000 copies in its first week and spent eight months on the Billboard charts, peaking at number 29 (Gold certified).

Among the strong nine tracks, the album spawned the successful singles – now classics – “Tell Me What You Want” and “Who’s Behind The Door”, skillfully produced by veteran Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick) obtaining a clear and polished sound.

ZEBRA - Zebra [Rock Candy remaster] (2013) inside photo

I always loved the melodic dynamics of leader Randy Jackson, as he fused some of the best arena rock of the ’70s with the melodic rock, hard and rock&pop sensibilities of the ’80s.
With the exception of the out-of-place, boogie-rock cover song (“Slow Down”), all the tracks on Zebra’s debut are winners.
Zebra followed up their this one with the more commercially oriented 1984 album No Tellin’ Lies – also remastered by Rock Candy too.
Classic ’80s


01 – Tell Me What You Want
02 – One More Chance
03 – Slow Down
04 – As I Said Before
05 – Who’s Behind The Door?
06 – When You Get There
07 – Take Your Fingers From My Hair
08 – Don’t Walk Away
09 – The La La Song

Randy Jackson – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Felix Hanemann – bass, keyboards, vocals
Guy Gelso – drums, vocals

Felix Hanemann – synths, strings, vocals
Eric Troyer – synths
Karen Atta – percussion
Michael Grossman – piano



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  1. dj-biomassa says:

    This classic 80s until now was completely unknown to me. Thank you very much for the opportunity to get acquainted. 1st album is very good! It will be necessary to listen to the rest. It is a pity that I can’t compare remasters Rock Candy and Japanese SHM-CD. I suppose you prefer the sound of “Japanese”… Do you plan to update the link to “Zebra Live”?

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