ZAPPACOSTA – ST [Connoisseur Series digitally remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

ZAPPACOSTA - ST [Connoisseur Series digitally remastered] full

As requested, here’s the rare Canadian-only remastered limited release of ZAPPACOSTA‘s self-titled ’84 debut album “Zappacosta”. Out of print and a collectors item now, a copy of this CD is being sold at Amazon Canada for U$D 1,150 !

Due the growing demand for classic Canadian rock & pop recordings, especially ones released prior to the CD boom, EMI Music Canada created in 2001 the ‘Northern Heritage / Connoisseur Series’, special reissues of long time deleted albums or never appeared on CD, fully remastered from the original tapes.
These were unique, Internet-only releases, exclusively sold via EMI Music Canada website. One from the series was this ZAPPACOSTA’s self-titled debut album remastered, of course out of print now and a collector’s piece.

“Zappacosta” is classic Canadian lite AOR with that polished, pristine production, top playing, and Alfie Zappacosta’s smooth vocals. With not a bad track in sight, this is regarded as his finest work.
It’s timeless stuff, apt for FM radio, driving, or just to enjoy with a fine wine at hand.
As said, this ‘Northern Heritage / Connoisseur Series’ remaster is almost impossible to find.
Thanks to Liam for this rarity!

only at 0dayrox


01 – Passion
02 – I’ll Give It A Go
03 – We Should Be Lovers
04 – It’s All Been Done Before
05 – Spread Myself Too Thin
06 – Runaround
07 – Can’t Let You Go
08 – Start Again
09 – Can You Hear Me
10 – Katie’s Eyes

Alfie Zappacosta – vocals, guitars
Steve Jansen – guitars
Gerald O’Brien – keyboards
Mitch Starkman – bass
Paul Delaney – drums


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