WARRIOR SOUL – Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease (2019)

WARRIOR SOUL - Rock 'N' Roll Disease (2019) full

Fronted by rebellious singer Kory Clarke, WARRIOR SOUL have a new record titled “Rock n’ Roll Disease” set for release on June 7th, 2019. Featuring the same songwriting team and musicians who played on the band’s 2017’s critically acclaimed LP, “Rock N’ Roll Disease” is a real stormer.
This is raw and raucous Rock and Roll, timeless kick ass numbers to play at maximum volume.

“Rock N Roll Disease” lives for excess. The needle is in the red for the entirety of its just over half an hour and eight songs. ‘Up The Dose’ is more than the first track here, it is the mantra by which this does its business. The man that once sang that “Love is a drug” has now decided that rock n roll (or just drugs, to be fair) is.
“Please refill my opiates,” he sneers here (and everything either sneers or sounds like its gargling glass) “give me generic, or corporate.” He’s neither. He never was. Clarke has always been his own man, and you’d best stay out of his way.

The short sharp title track ‘Rock N Roll Disease’ follows and explodes with a nice wail and delivers a similar vibe – this is low down and dirty Rock and Roll of the highest order. Kory Clarke’s songwriting is bang on and this is an album for which the word guitarage should be invented (if it hasn’t already been, of course) as this is outstanding throughout.

Tracks lke the opener and “Rock On” are the epitome of simple but effective kickin’ rock songs, whilst “War Ride Children” is a great riff set against Clarke’s deep side of story telling within a song.
Then we have “Going Mental”- a great example of a song that could be biographical, could be something witnessed, could be something else altogether, either way it sounds great cranked right up.

“War Ride Children” is one of the strongest songs on the album. Dialling down the partying a little, (although it does contain the line “like Hitler on Extasis”) it scratches below the surface of Hollywood and doesn’t like what it finds.
“Melt Down” has some metallic elements to it, then we come to my current favorites of the eight tracks on the album “After The Show” and “Off My Face”. Take “Off My Face” as an example of rock personified – it’s driven like AC/DC, an ode to getting fucked up and has shades of Lemmy to it, what’s not to like?

“Rock N Roll Disease” is the sound of Clarke doing what he loves to do. It’s almost as though he’s decided that no one makes records that celebrate hedonism anymore so he might as well.
The popularity of the Motley Crue film proves there’s a market for this kind of vicarious escapism.
There’s only 8 tracks here, bu it’s the quality that counts and if Warrior Soul are going to be putting out an album a year I’ll take eight new songs all day long.
Highly Recommended


01. Up The Dose
02. Rock N Roll Disease
03. Off My Face
04. Melt Down
05. Rock On
06. War Ride Children
07. Going Mental
08. After the Show

Kory Clarke – Vocals / Drums
Adam Arling – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
John Polachek – Guitar
Dennis “El Guapo” Post – Guitar / Vocals
Christian Kimmett – Bass / Vocals
Ivan Tambac – Drums / Vocals
John Besser – Drums


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