TONY MILLS – Beyond The Law [Japan edition] (2019)

TONY MILLS - Beyond The Law [Japan edition] (2019) full

Former SHY / TNT lead vocalist TONY MILLS will be releasing his seventh solo album “Beyond The Law” today June 21, 2019, while this Japanese version already appeared some days ago. Melodic rocking with an AOR feel along the lines of his early work with SHY, the record highlight is his stratospheric vocal range and skillful songwriting / arrangements, helped by talented Swede guitarist / keyboardist Tommy Denander, drummer Pete Newdeck (MIDNITE CITY), and keyboardist Patrick McKenna (SHY).

Wrapped by a bright polished production, tracks like “Beyond The Law” (stupendous Denander solo) and “Running Guns” are instant, full-steam-ahead Melodic Hard Rock classy tunes, while other songs such as “Black Sedan” and “Crackin’ Foxy” are energetic throwbacks to the fondly remembered ’80s AOR scene. Through it all, Mills’ voice and the overall album production shines brightly.

With “Beyond The Law” Tony Mills is simply delivering exactly what his fans wanted: melodic (hard) rock / AOR plenty of melody, driving guitars / solos and great vocals / harmonies.
This album features stronger material than any of the TNT albums he was involved in, and it even stands up on par to the best SHY albums.

TONY MILLS - Beyond The Law [Japan edition] (2019) back

According to Mills himself, “Beyond The Law” appears to be his final album as the singer has a large cancerous tumor inside of him that apparently cannot be removed.
Hope he can recover from this illness, and if not, take for sure “Beyond The Law” it’s a great way to say goodbye leaving behind a wonderful album and a legacy of talent that will be remembered.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Beyond the Law
02. The West Side
03. Running Guns
04. We Sold Your City
05. Black Sedan
06. F.B.I.
07. Crackin’ Foxy
08. Code of Silence
09. Bonnie’s Farewell
10. Gunfire

Tony Mills – Vocals
Linda Mills – Bass
Tommy Denander – Guitars, Keyboards
Pete Newdeck (MIDNITE CITY) – Drums
Patrick McKenna (SHY) – Keyboards




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