SANDNESS – Untamed (2019)

SANDNESS - Untamed (2019) full

Bring back the fun of 80s hair metal / melodic hard rock is the aim of Italians SANDNESS with their new album “Untamed”. With an updated and modern sound, the band delivers 11 catchy and sleazy songs inspired by the greats, and for the most part, they succeed: it’s an entertaining and well crafted slice of ‘Americanized’ rockin’ tunes.

You’re familiar with Bon Jovi right? And Poison? And Cinderella? Well so are Sandness. Not only are they familiar with these groups, but they love them. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Sandness flatter their influences.
Jocular riffs, melodic shouts and harmonization—all are present and correct in forging this tight collection of tunes. No depth is left unplumbed in their commitment to emulating their (crimson) idols.
Call and response vocals? See opener “Life’s a Thrill.” Verses which alternate between the guitar lead and vocals to accentuate rhythms? Hear “Tyger Bite.”
Group / gang vocals to pad out the chorus? Check out “London”. Huge guitar solos? Everywhere.

“Life’s a Thrill” is a simple ode to life itself and rocks, while “Never Givin’ Up” is exactly as feel-good as it sounds, with an anthemic ‘hairy’ spirit. If you want a more ‘street rock’ touch, press play on “Tell Me, Tell Me”.
Surprisingly, we can’t find a power metal ballad here, Sandness want to rock.
There’s 11 songs across only 38 minutes: short, to the point, hooky, and pretty darn catchy melodious tunes. It’s a pleasingly speedy and immediate listen with melodies with which you’ll be familiar on one play.

You can tell Sandness have been let loose and striven to have fun with it, and for that “Untamed” is a record that deserves it’s place in the now — if not only because its choice cuts have the habit to rattle around your head for days.
Highly Recommended


01 – Life’s a Thrill
02 – Tyger Bite
03 – London
04 – Never Givin’ Up
05 – Easy
06 – Pyro
07 – Radio Show
08 – Tell Me Tell Me
09 – Only the Youth
10 – The Deepest Side of Me
11 – Until It’s Over

Mark Denkley – Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Metyou ToMeatyou – Drums and backing vocals
Robby Luckets – Guitars, lead and backing vocals



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