ROADMASTER – Sweet Music [Rock Candy remaster]

ROADMASTER - Sweet Music [Rock Candy remaster] full

ROADMASTER was unquestionably one of the pillars in the Pomp AOR movement, and fortunately Rock Candy Records has remastered their more essential albums. All really good – but their second Sweet Music has been regarded as arguably the highest point of their career.

Certainly, “Sweet Music” is amongst the Top Pomp Rock albums of all time, rubbing shoulders with the likes of similar work by Styx, Starcastle, Kansas and Trillion; the epitome of melodic AOR, with a touch of progressive rock thrown in for good measure.
Formed in the comparatively laid back environs of Indianapolis and featuring Steven McNally’s totally unique vocals, Rick Benick’s blazing guitar work and Michael Read’s dazzling keyboard flourishes, “Sweet Music” pushes the Pomp boundaries to the outer limits of the solar system.

ROADMASTER - Sweet Music [Rock Candy remaster] booklet

We have ten majestic songs here, no fillers, all truly lovable, but if I had to mention favorites title track “Sweet Music” is one of the finest Pomp tunes ever, and the analog synth / keyboard-driven festival of “Higher Higher” is to die for, easily a genre’s classic.
The overall sonic Roadmaster approach here is bombastic and flashy, but always with a melody in mind plus a strong rockin’ foundation via sharp guitar riffs.

ROADMASTER - Sweet Music [Rock Candy remaster] back

For many years “Sweet Music” remained officially unreleased on CD, with several bootleg editions floating around due to fan’s high demand.
Finally, this Rock Candy remaster does justice to this much sought after album, with a superb 24-bit remastering from original source tapes and a very nice booklet with never seen photos and the history of the recording.
Essential album to understand the AOR evolution.


01 – It Doesn’t Mean A Thing
02 – I Must Be Dreaming
03 – Ya Move Me
04 – Been Gone Too Long
05 – I’ll Be Lovin’ You
06 – The Swan Song
07 – You Come See Me
08 – Higher, Higher
09 – Circle Of Love
10 – Sweet Music

Stephan McNally – vocals
Rick Benick – guitars
Michael Read – keyboards, synthesizers
Toby Myers – bass
Bobby Johns – drums



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  1. Alberto says:

    Thank you so much, master, you really rocks. This sad lost of my loved music collection along years (by HD failure) won’t happen to me again, I’ve bought two HD and every single new file is being storing duplicated in each HD. Now my quest is to recover all those jewels by refreshing its memory by this way, watching the albums published in blogs or magazines. Again, Thank you my friend.

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