PRETTY WILD – Pretty Wild [Retail CD + Bonus]

PRETTY WILD - Pretty Wild [Retail CD + Bonus] full

PRETTY WILD was formed in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden, soon released a debut EP and their first full-length CD two years after with good sales in Europe and a lot of touring, including some USA gigs. The quartet’s second album, somehow of a major international presentation aptly named as themselves; “Pretty Wild”, showcased that nothing seems to be able to stop these youths from climbing all the way to the top.

Taking a quick look at the album cover and band photo, you guess what kind of music Pretty Wild play. Yeah, it’s classic Eighties sleaze hard rock. Pretty Wild is still surfing the wave of the New Wave of Scandinavian Sleaze Metal.
And you know what? Pretty Wild is quite good at it, too.

They get the genre’s basic points: strong melodies, hooks in lyrics and arrangements, defined vocal harmonies, big guitar solos, a solid rock groove in the rhythm section, and all spiced with some ‘street attitude’, while remaining radio and arena friendly.
What more could you ask for. And you get a lot of it too, 14 songs at better than 53 minutes.

Yes, Pretty Wild’s music is sleaze, but this guys have an extra penchant for good melodies, and this CD will appeal a wide range of listeners including traditional Melodic Hard Rock purists. Surprisingly, while the musical theme remains faithful to the genre, there’s enough nuances between songs to offer variety.
Real arena rock anthems come with such songs as “Are U Ready” and “Get It On”, and more hard rocking with “Staring at the Sun” or “Blow the Night Away”, which pumps up the groove.

Pretty Wild also gets that those ’80s Sunset Strip bands could rise or fall by the addition of a ballad (or two) to an album. Think Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home. Both “All I Want” and “High Enough” blur the line between arena rock and ballad, with the latter song seriously soaring in crescendo in the end.

Take a measure of the first Crazy Lixx and Shotgun Messiah, add a portion of Motley Crue and the melody of Firehouse and you have what you want and need. That’s right, “Pretty Wild” features an equal doze of melodic sleazin’ Metal and boulevard Hard Rock and I think the well-established names shall show a little fear and respect for these outlaws that know how to write good songs with big hooks and great sing-along refrains.

The entire CD flows very well and the passionate oozin’ vocals are backed adequately by a specially treated music, with a solid and crisp production.
Here’s another really good Swedish band time-warping us to the Eighties and delivering some fine and entertaining Melodic Hard Rock in the sleaze tradition.
Highly Recommended


01. Are You Ready
02. Get It On
03. Troubled Water
04. All I Want
05. Alive
06. Staring At The Sun
07. High Enough
08. Ready To Go
09. Wildheart
10. Vampire
11. Blow The Night Away
12. Come Out Tonight
13. Hold On
14. Pretty Wild
Bonus Track:
15 – Let The Good Times Roll (’86 mix)

Ivan Ivve Höglund – Vocals
Axl Ludwig – Guitar
Kim Chevelle – Bass
Johnny Benson – Drums



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