LAURA BRANIGAN – Touch [Wounded Bird Records reissue] *EXCLUSIVE* Out Of Print

LAURA BRANIGAN - Touch [Wounded Bird Records reissue] full

Here’s another request, LAURA BRANIGAN‘s 1987 album “Touch”, in its Wounded Bird Records CD release. This label is known for their quality smooth remasters, however “Touch” never has been remastered. But this disc sounds awesome thanks to modern digital transfer from the master tapes. This Wounded Bird release is a rarity too, because it was asked to be deleted by Laura’s estate, hence never will be re-printed and it’s out of stock since originally appeared.

“Touch” represented a change for Branigan’s career. It was 1987, and the mainstream US rock&pop sound changed. “Touch” has that ‘smooth Lite AOR’ sound from the era, with a polished, huge production design.
Again, the cream of the LA Session musicians were involved into the recording: Michael Landau, Mark Leggett, Jeff Lorber, Carlos Vega, Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper) and more.

On “Touch,” Laura Branigan assembled a bumper crop of top-notch songs, including the scrumptous “Over Love” and the harrowing hit “Shadow of Love.” Her voice is amazing throughout this record.
Branigan is known for the drama of her vocals, which she showcases without fear on “Power Of Love” (Top 40 hit and the best version of this song I ever heard) and pumping AORish “Angels Calling.”

The Hi-Tech of “Shattered Glass” bring to mind the Canadian sound of the era, and while wrapped in synths / compressed beats, it’s an AOR tune in its skeleton.

LAURA BRANIGAN - Touch [Wounded Bird Records reissue] back

The uptempo title track “Touch” is pure ’80s, the elegant mid-paced ballad “Cry Wolf” recalls mid-Eighties Bonnie Tyler and perhaps Berlin, while bonus track “Statue in the Rain” showcases how Branigan’s voice adapted to the second half of the ’80s style.

While quite relegated in Laura’s discography in comparison to her best known early albums, “Touch” is perhaps Branigan’s more consistent LP. An album that should be in the library of any ’80s aficionado.
Rare, collectors release, only at 0dayrox


01 – Over Love
02 – Shadow of Love
03 – Angels Calling
04 – Meaning of the Word
05 – Power of Love
06 – Shattered Glass
07 – Whatever I Do
08 – Spirit of Love
09 – Name Game
10 – Touch
11 – Cry Wolf
12 – Statue in the Rain (Bonus Track)

Laura Branigan : Lead & Background vocals
Michael Landau, John Nelson : Guitar
Matt Aitken, Mark Leggett : Guitar & Keyboards
Jeff Lorber, John O’Hara : Keyboards
A. Linn, Carlos Vega : Drums
Bob Marlette : Guitar, Drums, Keyboards & Background vocals
Rick Palombi : Drums, Keyboards & Background vocals
Kim Scharnberg : Strings
Mike Stock : Keyboards & Background vocals
Donna DeLory, Coral Gordon, Denny Henson, Dee Lewis, Sue Shifrin & Mona Lisa Young : Background vocals


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  1. Rune Hansen says:

    Thanks for this one…loved it

  2. dj-biomassa says:

    Thanks again for another beautifui release of LB’s music!

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