JORN – Live On Death Road (2019)

JORN - Live On Death Road (2019) full

Mighty Norwegian shouter JORN is back with a killer live double record, “Live On Death Road”. 2018 was a significant year for Jorn Lande. He celebrated his 50th birthday with the release of a comprehensive 12 album box set and played unforgettable shows which presented the most diverse and exciting setlists ever of his storied career. Picking forgotten gems from early albums, selected covers and choice cuts from collaborative releases, all in all those shows presented the true and ultimate legacy of Jorn as an artist, and Jorn as a band.


CD 1
1. My Road
2. Bring Heavy Rock To The Land
3. Life On Death Road
4. Blacksong
5. World Gone Mad
6. Stormcrow
7. Sunset Station
8. Ride Like The Wind
9. Out To Every Nation

CD 2
1. Shot In The Dark
2. Walking On Water
3. Traveller
4. Rock And Roll Angel
5. The Mob Rules
6. Rainbow In The Dark
7. Lonely Are The Brave


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