GODDO – Goddo [Rock Candy remastered +2] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

GODDO - Goddo [Rock Candy remastered +2] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Rock Candy Records has just remastered for the first time the first 3 GODDO albums, including bonus tracks. One of the pioneer hard rock bands from Canada, Goddo power-trio hard rock style was pretty unique. Here’s the band self titled debut “Goddo”, plus two bonus tracks.

There’s something quite compelling about Goddo. Like Max Webster, they enjoyed a reputation as one of the most magnetic and quirky Canadian hard rock bands operating in the late 70s. Employing an off-kilter psyche and a penchant for the absurd, Goddo’s high octane brand of tough-guy rock was further enhanced by some of the most amusing lyrics of the era.

The man mostly responsible for this intriguing direction was bassist and main songwriter Greg Godovitz. Like a contemporary court jester his brand of wit and wisdom cast an exceptionally warm glow on the Canadian music scene, even if the content failed to secure huge commercial rewards.
As a former member of seasoned Canadian rockers Fludd, he departed that band to create a brand new vehicle following his own vision; melodic hard rock with enough lee-way to include quirky detours.

Although primarily a supercharged high octane power trio, they also included elements of jazz-rock and crushing heavy blues rock. Godovitz together with drummer Doug Inglis and guitarist Gino Scarpelli set about recording their debut album in Montreal, unleashing one of the most striking Canadian debut albums of all time.
Originally housed in a superbly illustrated gate-fold cover (remember these?), the album kicks off with ‘The Bus Driver Blues’, a lyrically hilarious track written about the band’s previous drummer who left the group to drive a school bus.

Other tough-nut rockers include the catchy ‘Drive Me Crazy’, ‘Let That Lizard Loose’ and the melodic ‘Hard Years’. Of course the jewel in the crown is the jazz tinged ‘Under My Hat’, a song complete with truly memorable hook and menacing vocals from Greg.
Goddo is quite unknown band, a kick ass too, one to discover with this clear RC remaster.
Highly Recommended

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01 – The Bus Driver Blues
02 – Drive Me Crazy
03 – Let That Lizard Loose
04 – I’m Losing You
05 – Let It Slide
06 – Twelve Days
07 – Under My Hat
08 – Hard Years
09 – Bus Driver Blues (Remix)
10 – Under My Hat (Remix)

Greg Godovitz – vocals, bass, additional guitar
Gino Scarpelli – guitar, bass
Doug Inglis – drums, backing vocals



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4 Responses

  1. dj-biomassa says:

    I see, you have been sprinkled with sugar over Baton Rouge, and no one thanks for the remasters of the first two Goddo albums. And I will say THANK YOU. This Canadian band is a pleasant discovery for me. I will look forward to “An Act of Goddo”.
    By the way, THANK YOU for Baton Rouge too. Very cool! It is a pity that they released only 3 albums.

    • 0dayrox says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the kind words.

      • Örjan Andersson says:

        Hello! A month or so to late, but… Goddo is really good and more than welcome. You compared them to Max Webster. Is there any chance to see their four Rock Candy remasters here at the blog? Max Webster ‘S/T’ CANDY106, Max Webster ‘Mutiny Up My Sleeve’ CANDY108, Max Webster ‘High Class In Borrowed Shoes’ CANDY107, Max Webster ‘A Million Vacations’ CANDY393?

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