FIONA – The Complete Atlantic Recordings [Remastered +5] (2019)

FIONA - The Complete Atlantic Recordings [Remastered +5] full

Reputed reissue label Wounded Bird Records has just released their own remastered versions of FIONA Flanagan ’80s albums titled “The Complete Atlantic Recordings”. Fiona 3 hit albums for Atlantic ‘Fiona’, ‘Beyond The Pale’ and ‘Heart Like A Gun’ are comprised into 2-CD, plus 5 rare bonus tracks, 3 of them previously unavailable on CD.
While ‘Hopelessly Love You’ (Vocal Remix and Dub Version) appeared as bonus tracks on one Rock Candy’s remastered reissue, ‘Love Makes You Blind (Long Version)’, ‘Where The Cowboys Go (7” Edit)’ and ‘Calling On You (Non-LP B-Side)’ are tracks to collect.

The ’80s, first 3 albums by the girl with a ‘crystal voice’ FIONA are wonderful slices of Melodic Rock sporting fantastic production and terrific musicians involved.
Of Irish origin, Fiona was born in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, after her parents moved from Dublin to the United States. At school, when she was a teenager, even when she was offered a grant to attend the University School of Drama in New York, she chose a musical career instead.

During the ’80s women in rock were, in many respects, unfairly treated; often cast aside as little more than irrelevant eye candy whilst their male counterparts were lauded as golden gods. This was the environment that New Jersey born chanteuse Fiona found herself battling against when launching her career.
Fortunately her voice and tenacity forced naysayers to admit that she was a major new talent in the making, one that would ultimately record a brace of albums and establish herself as in internationally known figure.

Fiona’s path to a career in music started early, singing in night clubs all the time looking for that elusive break. It wasn’t until she hooked up with producer Eddie Offord and members of progressive rock band Dixie Dreggs that she got her first break recording a set of demos that won her a contract with Atlantic Records.
Among the musicians colaborating with her albums, there were Lou Gramm / Joe Lynn Turner guitarist Bobby Messano, Kip Winger, Reb Beach, Brad Gillis, Mike Slamer, Tim Pierce and many other luminaries.
Must have ’80s female fronted melodic rock.


Disc 1:
01 – Hang Your Heart On Me
02 – Talk To Me
03 – You’re No Angel
04 – Rescue You
05 – James
06 – Love Makes You Blind
07 – Over Now
08 – Na Na Song
09 – Tragedy
10 – Hopelessly Love You
11 – Living On A Boy’s World
12 – Thunder & Lightning
13 – Tender Is The Heart
14 – Running Out Of Night
15 – In My Blood
16 – He’s On My Side
17 – You Better Wait
18 – Keeper Of The Flame

Disc 2:
01 – Little Jeannie (Got The Look Of Love)
02 – Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)
03 – Where The Cowboys Go
04 – Mariel
05 – Draw The Line
06 – Here It Comes Again
07 – Bringing In The Beast
08 – Victoria Cross
09 – Look At Me Now
10 – When Pink Turns To Blue
11 – Love Makes You Blind (Long Version)
12 – Hopelessly Love You (Vocal Remix)
13 – Hopelessly Love You (Dub Version)
14 – Where The Cowboys Go (Edit)
15 – Calling On You (Non-LP B-Side)



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