DAVID GLEN EISLEY (Giuffria) – Tattered, Torn and Worn (2019)

DAVID GLEN EISLEY (Giuffria) - Tattered, Torn and Worn (2019) full

Ex Giuffria, Sorcery, Dirty White Boy et all frontman DAVID GLEN EISLEY is back today with a new solo album titled “Tattered, Torn and Worn”. After his EISLEY / GOLDY project from two years ago alongside his Giuffria bandmate Craig Goldy, David has been working on this new solo album helped by a fresh face for the scene, talented guitarist Paul Clem Calder. Both have created a set of very good, elaborated rockin’ songs here.

Indeed, since the start with ‘Y.M.I. (At All)’, a hard rocker with driving guitars and that unmistakable raspy vocals, the album delivers thirteen tracks of classy stuff. Eisley is in top form vocally, and he also performs drums – he started as musician behind the kit – and other instruments as well.
And then we have Paul Clem Calder, a new guy into the scene, imaginative with the six strings via strong rhythm guitars and great solos to boot.

‘Ain’t No Turning Back (Floatin’ in the Flood)’ is one of the album highlights starting with an atmospheric intro with that magical guitar / keyboard interplay, them follower ‘Hard to Lose’ is a meaty mid-paced melodious tune that could have been taken from Giuffria’s second album.
‘Darkside of Sunrise’ bring to my mind some House Of Lords material, ‘Grace of God’ rocks hard, then if you love early Giuffria, ‘1964’ will delight you, featuring a cool guitar work.

More solid material comes with dynamic ‘The Storm Will Come a Risin’, David add some bluesy approach to ‘Devils and Diamonds’, and I can’t help but ‘Red Raven Blue’ is just another Giuffria inspired number minus the loads of keyboards.

DAVID GLEN EISLEY (Giuffria) - Tattered, Torn and Worn (2019) back

David Glen Eisley is back and I’m glad he did it with such strong album. It rocks with an ’80s / early 90s feel, and fans of classic Giuffria will rejoice.
Production is more straight rocking than the glossy Giuffria days (akin the recent Eisley / Goldy project), yet really melodious and perfectly works for the material on offer.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Y.M.I. (At All)
02 – Ain’t No Turning Back (Floatin’ in the Flood)
03 – Hard to Lose
04 – Blood, Guts and Games (Tall Tales)
05 – Darkside of Sunrise
06 – Grace of God
07 – 1964
08 – The Storm Will Come a Risin’
09 – Devils and Diamonds
10 – Before My Eyes
11 – Red Raven Blue
12 – Tattered and Torn
13 – Ain’t No Turning Back (edit version – Bonus)

David Glen Eisley – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Paul “Clem Calder” – guitars
GD. Tubbs – bass
Ron Wikso (Foreigner, DLR, Gregg Rollie) – drums



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  1. 0dayrox says:


  2. David Glen Eisley says:

    BIG “ Thank you” to Odayrox for the kind words!✌️ Just to clarify my longtime “go to” on drums throughout this record is Ron Wikso! From Foreigner, DLR, Gregg Rollie, etc. Also on bass was a fella by the name of GD. Tubbs. Scottish Pal.. Again “Thank you!” CD’s fully packed & extra track comin in two weeks!!

  3. Riderman says:

    Thanks for this, I was a big Giuffria fan back in the day. I wish bands could stay together longer than they do, but I know things happen. Thanks for this album as it does take you back a bit but has the strong presence of today.

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