D-A-D – Best of D.A.D. 30 Years 30 Hits 1984-2014 (3 vinyl LP version)

D.A.D. - Best of DAD 30 Years 30 Hits 1984-2014 (3 vinyl LP version) full

Denmark’s most successful Rock act in history celebrated its 30th anniversary the way it should be done: with an extensive Best Of compilation entitled “Best of D.A.D. 30 Years 30 Hits 1984-2014”.
The title basically says it all: ’30 Years-30 Hits’ is the perfect D-A-D career-spanning retrospective album, time to look back and reflect, but also a great opportunity for all those who want the best – and nothing but the best – from the band.

In the early 1980s in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band started playing together under their original name Disneyland After Dark, but later were forced to change it by the US entertainment company of the old Walt, opting for the D.A.D. moniker or D-A-D on some albums.
“Best of D.A.D. 30 Years 30 Hits 1984-2014” features songs from all their career, including 30 songs dating back to the group’s debut release, the EP ‘Standin’ On the Never Never’ (1985) to their 11th studio album, DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK (2011).

D.A.D. - Best of DAD 30 Years 30 Hits 1984-2014 (3 vinyl LP version) LP cover

The compilation is being released on a double CD-set, but this is the deluxe limited 3-LP vinyl version.
Do you remember those? The sound is really warm plenty of harmonics.
Time to look back, enjoy & look forward to the next 30 years of D-A-D!


LP 1:
01 Marlboro Man
02 Call of the Wild
03 Riding with Sue
04 It’s After Dark
05 Isn’t That Wild
06 I Won’t Cut My Hair
07 Black Crickets
08 Sleeping My Day Away
09 Jihad
10 Point of View

LP 2:
01 Girl Nation
02 Bad Craziness
03 Grow or Pay
04 Laugh and a ½
05 Reconstrucdead
06 Naked (But Still Strippin’)
07 Empty Heads
08 Home Alone 4
09 Hate to Say I Told You So
10 Everything Glows

LP 3:
01 Nineteenhundredandyesterday
02 Something Good
03 Evil Twin
04 Soft Dogs
05 Scare Yourself
06 Lawrence of Surburbia
07 Monster Philosophy
08 A New Age Moving in
09 I Want What She’s Got
10 We All Fall Down




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