COLORVINE (pre-Tower City) – Colorvine (1995) Out Of Print

COLORVINE (pre-Tower City) - Colorvine (1995) Out Of Print - full

As requested, here’s COLORVINE self-titled album, recorded before they changed name to Tower City. After a successful stint with New Monkees, vocalist / songwriter Larry Saltis formed an new band with brother Heath. They wanted a power pop sound with a melodic rock sheen, and Colorvine born.

In fact, the seeds for the band were planted in the ’80s by both Saltis bros. They started to jam in their native Ohio and performed some shows with alternate musicians. Then Larry joined the reformed Monkees and the project was paused.
With many songs composed over the years, Colorvine reborn in the first half of the Nineties, and entered in to the studio to record this, their self titled debut.

The band shopped for a record label, however this type of melodic songs weren’t what the the music industry was looking for – read grunge era – and Colorvine managed to release “Colorvine” by themselves.
On the album there’s some material with a feeling of what the Saltis’ would do later in Tower City. Others are focused on ‘song format’; 3 minute rockers with melodious vocals and cool, dynamic guitar work. At places bring to mind Extreme first two albums.

Most the songs on “Colorvine” rocks the house, no ballads here, just feel-good vibe catchy tunes very well written and produced.
The album was pressed in limited quantities, of course out of print now and pretty hard to find.
A collectible

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01 – Steroid
02 – Walls
03 – Therapy
04 – Hangnail
05 – Watertown
06 – Run
07 – Vein In Vain
08 – Moonlight
09 – Relate
10 – All The Things
11 – Bankrupt

Larry Saltis – vocals, guitars
Tim Weiner – bass, vocals
Heath Saltis – drums, vocals


Out Of Print / Deleted

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