CHERIE and MARIE CURRIE – Messin’ With The Boys [Remastered +7] (2019)

CHERIE and MARIE CURRIE - Messin' With The Boys [Remastered +7] (2019) full

Also requested at 0dayrox, there’s the 2019 remastered reissue of CHERIE & MARIE CURRIE‘s “Messin’ With The Boys”, inclusing 7 bonus tracks recorded during the same sessions. The ‘whos’ who’ from the US Session musicians recorded here, from Mike Landau to Mike Baird, but essentially, the TOTO crew Lukather / Porcaro / Bobby Kimball, who also co-writes and does a vocal duet.

Recorded for her new label Capitol, “Messin’ With The Boys” is the second post-Runaways album by Cherie Currie. For this album Currie worked with her identical twin sister, Marie Currie. Marie was a guest vocalist on Cherie’s first album, so Marie went on tour as well to support it.
When Marie would join Cherie on stage to sing the encores the audience would go wild. So Cherie ran with the idea of two blonds are better than one.

The idea paid off because “Messin’ With The Boys” received more radio play and their cover of Russ Ballard’s “Since You Been Gone” made it on US charts.[9] The single “This Time” and the album Messin’ with the Boys made the top 200 on U.S. charts.
“I Just Love the Feeling” originally surfaced on the 1974 album, “S.S. Fools” by the group of the same name. Cherie duetted with that group’s lead singer, Bobby Kimball which at the time was leas vocalist in Toto, and wrote the additional lyrics in the second verse.

Cherie and Marie’s voice blend seamlessly and flow easy all over the record. The backup band features members of Toto, among them Steve Lukather, Mike Porcaro, Kimball and David Paich providing songwriting, and production is spot on.
Dureing the album sessions mamy other songs were taped, and appear here as bonus tracks, including other Ballard cover (also a hit for Rainbow) “I Surrender”.
If you like FM AOR / RockPop with that early ’80s flavor, love harmonies and great musicianship and harmonies, then pick this up.
Highly Recommended


01 – Messin’ with the Boys
02 – Since You’ve Been Gone (Russ Ballard / Rainbow cover)
03 – I Just Love the Feeling (duet with Bobby Kimball)
04 – All I Want
05 – Overnight Sensation – Hit Record
06 – Elaine
07 – This Time
08 – Wishing Well
09 – Secrets
10 – We’re Through
11 – Kamakazee Lover
12 – I Surrender (Russ Ballard / Rainbow cover)
13 – Prisoner
14 – You’re a Baby
15 – Tough Break
16 – Always the Last to Know
17 – Cherry Bomb

Cherie & Marie Currie – vocals
Steve Lukather – guitar
Waddy Wachtel – guitar
Joey Brasler – guitar
Mike Porcaro – bass
Mike Baird – drums
Jai Winding – synthesizer, keyboards
Trevor Veitch – acoustic guitar on “Since You’ve Been Gone”
John Pierce – bass guitar on “We’re Through”
Mike Landau – guitar on “We’re Through”
Bobby Kimball – male lead vocal on “I Just Love the Feeling”
Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, Bobby Kimball, Keith Landry, Tommy Funderburk, Tom Werman – backing vocals



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