1st AVENUE – Tears And Triumph [Japan Edition] Out Of Print

1st AVENUE - Tears And Triumph [Japan Edition] Out Of Print full

Regarded by many as the best AOR / Melodic Rock band ever coming out from the Netherlands, 1st AVENUE music include all the elements which made this genre so lovable: loads of keyboards, melodious guitars and catchy choruses. “Tears And Triumph” is their awesome debut album, and this Japanese edition is the best sounding ever appeared. A young Robby Valentine contributed with the songwriting / arrangements, and while not credited, also play some keyboards.

1st Avenue was formed during the ’80s European Melodic Rock / AOR explosion – read Europe, FM, Shy, TNT – and particularly pushed in the Netherlands by Vandenberg’s success. In fact, 1st Avenue’s vocalist Peter Strykes sang for them yet never officially recorded.
In 1st Avenue origins into the line-up there was a young kid named Robert Kempe – later known as Robby Valentine – who later joined Zinatra, and then started a successful solo career. Robby wrote most the songs on this “Tears And Triumph”, arranged, and also play some keyboards.

“Tears And Triumph” is a wonderful slice of classy Euro Melodic Rock / AOR, plenty of varied, uptempo and energetic melodic songs. Keyboard-driven superb songs such as ‘Out Of Reach / Out Of Touch’ (love that intro), ‘When The Night Is Gone’ or the terrific opener ‘Going For The Gold’.
If you like more edgy tunes, title track ‘Tears And Triumph’, ‘Help Me Out’, and one of my favorites, ‘Never Too Late To Live’ (this is what Melodic Hard Rock is all about folks) will keep your foot tapping.
Mid-tempo AOR? Check ‘Heaven In Your Arms’ and ‘Once In A Million Years’, pure gold.

1st AVENUE - Tears And Triumph [Japan Edition] back

A true gem for the genre, “Tears And Triumph” never has been remastered. However the pristine production and top mastering made this album sonics ready to test the time. This Japanese edition is the best of all available (now out of print), pressed in a time when Asian CD manufacturing was far superior.


01 – Intro / Going For The Gold
02 – Heaven In Your Arms
03 – When The Night Is Gone
04 – Out Of Reach – Out Of Touch
05 – Once In A Million Years
06 – Never Too Late To Live
07 – Hurt Before
08 – You Forsake Me
09 – Help Me Out
10 – Tears And Triumph

Peter Strykes – vocals
Gil Lopez – guitars
Arko Bommer – bass
Nop Ton – drums
Joby Bosboom – keyboards
Robby Valentine – songwriting, add. keyboards


Out Of Print

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