THE JOE PERRY PROJECT – Let The Music Do The Talking [Japan miniLP remastered] Out Of Print

THE JOE PERRY PROJECT - Let The Music Do The Talking [Japan miniLP remastered]  full

This is a long overdue request made by a fellow reader of this blog: THE JOE PERRY PROJECT‘s two first albums in its Japanese mini-LP remastered edition. It happens that these releases – out of print – have become very, very hard to find. And now you see them both exclusively at 0dayrox.
Let’s go with the first, “Let The Music Do The Talking”.

Fed up with the slow pace of the recording of the album Night In The Ruts and frustrated with the band’s precarious financial situation, Joe Perry left Aerosmith in the spring of 1979. He took a collection of unrecorded material with him, which would later become the basis of his album “Let the Music Do The Talking”.
Baptized The Joe Perry Project, the band featured vocalist Ralph Mormon, bassist David Hull and drummer Ronnie Stewart, alongside Perry on guitars and vocals.

After securing a recording contract with Columbia, Perry recruited Aerosmith’s former producer Jack Douglas for “Let the Music Do The Talking”, and the album was a pretty successful with more than 250,000 copies sold.

This is a classic, guitar-driven hard rock album that would rival anything put out by Aerosmith. The rumor was that Joe originally intended to call the album “Guitar Wars.” That would have been an appropriate title for this bombastic rock and roll record.
The title track was a song Joe had written for Aerosmith’s and was later re-recorded for the “Done With Mirrors” LP. Personally, I think this original version came out better.

THE JOE PERRY PROJECT - Let The Music Do The Talking [Japan miniLP remastered] disc

Maybe because Perry wanted to show his former bandmates that he could succeed without them, the performances were extremely inspired, while the songwriting was sharp and focused.
The anthemic title track was aimed at all the in-press bickering that was going on at the time between Aerosmith and Perry. While subsequent Perry Project albums didn’t contain many Perry lead vocal spots, the singing on this debut is split 50/50 between Perry and Mormon.

Tracks such as “Conflict of Interest,” “Discount Dogs,” “Shooting Star,” and “Rocking Train” are all up-tempo highlights, and the instrumental “Break Song” showed off the fantastic interplay between the new band, while “The Mist Is Rising” is more low-key, bluesy slow.
A truly great and underrated record, “Let The Music Do The Talking” could have been a classic Aerosmith release if the drugs hadn’t split the band apart.

I mean, “Let the Music Do The Talking” is pure rock n’ roll as it should be done, straight from the amp cranked to 10. All are strong songs, in fact, this album is on par with anything released by Aerosmith during their early era.
Works also as a proper reminder of how a good guitarist Joe Perry is, tasteful and always playing the right note.

THE JOE PERRY PROJECT - Let The Music Do The Talking [Japan miniLP remastered] - back

This Japanese cardboard sleeve mini-LP replica remastered reissue is a collector’s piece right now.
You gotta listen to the audio quality; it’s really superb.
Only at 0dayrox

Sony Music Japan【MHCP-333】 Limited  Edition

01 – East Coast, West Coast
02 – No Substitute For Arrogance
03 – I’ve Got The Rock ‘N’ Rolls Again
04 – Buzz Buzz
05 – Soldier Of Fortune
06 – TV Police
07 – Listen To The Rock
08 – Dirty Little Things
09 – Play The Game
10 – South Station Blues

Ralph Morman – vocals
Joe Perry – guitars, lead vocals on tracks 2, 4, 7
David Hull – bass, bass synthesizer, backing vocals
Ronnie Stewart – drums, percussion
additional musicians:
Jack Douglas, Rocky Donahue – percussion

Out Of Print

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