STARMEN – Welcome To My World (2019)

STARMEN - Welcome To My World (2019)
And here we have a ‘mysterious’ band from Sweden; STARMEN, and their new album “Welcome To My World”. This is one of these groups where band members are featured under fictitious names, and all behind a mask – in this case, different color stars – in an obvious KISS homage.
However the ‘Starmen’ are well known names from the Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock scene, and of course, is inspired bit the ’80s sound of the genre.

The mainman here is Kristian Hermanson, a vocalist / songwriter who during the 90s was part of obscure (and good) AORsters Cleaopatra, and did lead vocals at the early stages of The Poodles.
On drums there’s Peter Strandberg who played on many Melodic Hard Rock / AOR bands such as Heartbreak Radio, and many other – unlisted – musicians such as Andreas Eklund (House Of Shakira), The Poodles’ drummer Christian Lundqvist, and more.

“Welcome To My World” not only includes very good songs rooted in the classic Scandi sound, but also stupendous musicinaship and a very good, bright production.
‘Dreaming’, the catchy ‘Freewheelin’, the anthems ‘Ready to give me your love’ and ‘Stay the night’ are among the highlights, mixing various influences like Jeff Scott Soto’s Talisman, Dalton, Def Leppard, ’80s Kiss, some Whitesnake, and of course The Poodles.

Hermanson’s vocal color is similar to Soto’s more melodious / AORish side, not that powerful, but these songs don’t need power but smothness, and Hermanson delivers.
“Welcome To My World” is very, very good, and it’s a shame Starmen isn’t better promoted. You can’t find too much info (and lesser a review of their music) all over the internet, an even at their Facebook page there’s really scarce info.
Starmen are great, and their ’80s inspired Melodic Hard Rock / AOR deverve to be heard by all fans of the genre.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Dreaming
02 – Electrified
03 – Ready to give me your love
04 – Mayday
05 – Freewheelin’
06 – Mission man
07 – Evil
08 – Stay the night
09 – Face the truth
10 – Rest in peace
11 – Welcome to my world
12 – Warrior
Bonus Track:
13 – Freewheelin’ (Remix)

Kristian Hermanson (ex The Poodles) – vocals, guitar
Andreas M Lindgren – guitar
Peter Strandberg (Heartbreak Radio) – drums
Zacharias Ahlvik – drums
Kristoffer Gobel (Destiny) – guest vocals
Andreas Eklund (House of Shakira) – guest vocals
Christian Lundqvist (The Poodles) – guest vocals




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