STATE OF ROCK (Tony Mills) – A Point Of Destiny [Japan Edition +1]

STATE OF ROCK - A Point Of Destiny [Japan Edition +1] full

Requested by one of you here’s STATE OF ROCK album “A Point Of Destiny” in its Japanese edition including a bonus track. Formed by 3 members of German melodic rockers FRONTLINE , and ex SHY / TNT front man Tony Mills, this band and album was a sensation at the beginning of the decade.

Four years after the last FRONTLINE studio album, time was ripe for STATE OF ROCK, the new band masterminded by FRONTLINE guitarist Robby Böbel. He got a recording contract with AOR Heaven / Metal Heaven Records, and soon “Hutch” Bauer and Rami Ali, two old FRONTLINE comrades jumped on board, so the only question left open was who could take the place behind the microphone.
That was when Metal Heaven pulled the strings and got in contact with Tony Mills (SHY / TNT).

After only three demo songs it was clear that the chemistry between the two songwriters, Böbel and Mills, was great. Their strengths complemented each other and pushed them to new horizons. It turned out instantly that this new band is about to become something special.

Their debut album, “A Point Of Destiny”, actually does sound like the sum of it’s parts: “75 % FRONTLINE + 25 % SHY = 100 % STATE OF ROCK”, as it combines the qualities of these two classic Melodic Rock bands: powerful melodic vocals by Tony Mills in the vein of SHY classic album ‘Excess All Areas’, plus the unique guitar-licks by Böbel and song-skeletons in the true ’80s / ’90s European Melodic Rock fashion.

FRONTLINE is one of my favorite Melodic Rock / AOR bands, and I just love every bit of STATE OF ROCK.
“A Point Of Destiny” is just an updated version of FRONTLINE with the awesome British Tony Mills at the mic sounding as good as it ever did, and it’s amazing just how well he suits the style and vibe of the album.

STATE OF ROCK - A Point Of Destiny [Japan Edition +1] booklet

There are so many superb tracks on this album, and the harder part is actually finding a song that’s not a highlight.
From the pure melodic rock bliss of ‘Heartless Dreamers’, the punchy ‘Black & Blue’ and ‘Somewhere’, to the amazing grandeur balladry of the AOR of ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’ where TNT meets WHITESNAKE, are all perfect examples of classic stuff in this genre.
Looking for a little variation? Then blast out “Friction” with its SCORPIONS-like spiraling riff, or the slower stomp of midtempo title track ‘A Point Of Destiny’.

Every track has the potential to be somebody’s favorite. And this Japanese edition is the one to get, as the bonus track ‘Desperation’ is just another killer slice of ’80s inspired Melodic Rock / AOR, a winner that deserves to be heard.

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Essential for any TONY MILLS / SHY fan and of course any classic Melodic Rock aficionado, “A Point Of Destiny” is a must listen. Just be prepared to be amazed at just how inspired and fresh maestro Tony Mills sounds throughout the entire album.
But also the songwriting, arrangements and polished production elevates STATE OF ROCK’s “A Point Of Destiny” to another level.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Black & Blue
02 – Without My Love
03 – Heartless Dreamer
04 – Don’t Make Me Cry
05 – Hanging In The Balance
06 – Freedom
07 – Count Me Out
08 – A Point Of Destiny
09 – Friction
10 – Somewhere
11 – Desperation

Tony Mills : vocals
Bobby Boebel : guitars
Hutch Bauer : bass
Rami Ali : drums


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