RICHARD MARX – Repeat Offender Revisited (2019)

RICHARD MARX - Repeat Offender Revisited (2019) full

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of his hit album Repeat Offender, RICHARD MARX has released Repeat Offender Revisited, featuring new studio, live, and acoustic versions of songs from the original album.
This is part of Richard Marx new deal with label BMG that includes a global recording contract for new music and his back catalog reissue.

A new album is planned for this fall, with a single scheduled to drop in the summer. Meanwhile, we have this “Repeat Offender Revisited”, featuring updated versions of songs from the 1989 smash album.
I really like the new, more rocking – especially the guitar riff – studio version of ‘Satisfied’, the dynamic melodic rock take on ‘Too Late to Say Goodbye’, and the atmospheric arrangement into the classic ‘Right Here Waiting’.

To my surprise, and a good one, there’s stripped, from the heart, and not overproduced acoustic versions of ‘Angelia (Acoustic)’ and ‘Right Here Waiting (Acoustic)’, and pretty strong / polished live renderings of ‘Satisfied (Live)’ or ‘Angelia (Live)’.


01 – Satisfied (New studio version)
02 – Angelia (New studio version)
03 – Too Late to Say Goodbye (New studio version)
04 – Right Here Waiting (New studio version)
05 – Angelia (Acoustic)
06 – Too Late To Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
07 – Right Here Waiting (Acoustic)
08 – Children of the Night (Acoustic)
09 – Satisfied (Live)
10 – Angelia (Live)
11 – Right Here Waiting (Live)



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