TRISHULA – Scare To Breathe (2019)

TRISHULA - Scare To Breathe (2019) full

British band TRISHULA is the brain child of UK guitarist Neil Fraser (TEN, Rage Of Angels, Tony Mills) which debut CD “Scare To Breathe” will be released tomorrow via AOR Heaven Records.
Neil Fraser handles guitars, bass and keyboards, and is joined by vocalist Jason Morgan and drummer Joao Colac, both of whom Neil worked with in Rage Of Angels. Magnum’s keyboard player Rick Benton is also involved.

Opener ‘I Can See It In Your Eyes’ sets the Trishula sound out, big on keys and soaring guitar riffs along with the impressive vocals of Morgan. There are shades of Ten on the title track, whilst ‘Secrets And Lies’ is simply immense. The keys, the riffs, the guitar solo, the melodic chorus, the pounding rhythm – this song has it all and is all that is great about Eighties-inspired melodic hard rock.
Long lost UK melodic rockers Pride come to mind on ‘A Thousand Pieces’ and although it clocks in at seven minutes long, the song and melody never outstay their welcome.

Fear not lovers of all things musically pink ‘n’ fluffy as there are ballads in the shape of ‘I Never Cried’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’, both very well arranged with sweet synths and smooth harmonies.
‘Magnetic Memories’ is a little different to the rest of the album, drawing on the sound of Rainbow in the keyboards and it has a distinct late Seventies rock feel.

Here’s hoping this album is not a one off as Neil Fraser has made a damn fine album, plus Welsh singer Jason Morgan is a real find. The vocals were tracked at M2 Madhat Studios (Magnum), and there’s keyboard player Rick Benton providing some magic on a couple of songs.
Highly recommended for fellow lovers of ’80s inspired melodic hard rock with a modern sheen.

01 – I Can See It in Your Eyes
02 – Scared to Breathe
03 – A Thousand Pieces
04 – Secrets & Lies
05 – I Never Cried
06 – Homeland
07 – Don’t Let Go
08 – A Love so Cruel
09 – Magnetic Memories
10 – Jealousy
11 – For a Friend

Neil Fraser (Ten, Rage Of Angels) – guitar, bass, keys
Jason Morgan (Rage Of Angels) – vocals
Joao Colaco (Rage Of Angels) – drums
Rick Benton (Magnum) – keyboards


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