TNT – Tell No Tales [LTD Japan SHM-CD Remastered UICY-75603] Out Of Print

TNT - Tell No Tales [LTD Japan SHM-CD Remastered UICY-75603] full

TNT is one of the greatest melodic hard rock acts ever coming out from the Norwegian scene, and from the Scandinavian genre’s history in general. Their most popular albums were recently reissued on high quality SHM-CD in Japan, like this “Tell No Tales“, TNT’s third effort.
Although “Tell No Tales” previously appeared on SHM-CD before, this Limited Release on Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP) version from 2013 is the first featuring the album remastered.

It took TNT three years to follow their previous ‘Knights of the New Thunder,’ and when they did, they clearly had some different aims in mind: the American market.
So what if it was more commercial? So what if it was even slicker? So what if it was even more melodic and melodic hard rock oriented?
Everything gelled, and it was the sound of authority. It was the same lineup from the previous record, and it was a band on a very serious mission, coming up with a gem every – single – song. Wow.

If you dig Dokken and Def Leppard, if you like the fiery histrionics of Yngwie Malmsteen’s ‘Trilogy’ and ‘Eclipse’ or the smoothness of Europe, if you ever liked anything about TNT – and what self-respecting hard rock fan can’t find something to love about vocalist Tony Harnell and guitarist Ronni Le Tekro – you must add this album to your collection and put it into rotation immediately.
This is a totally incredible, elite, killer slice of melodic hard rock mastery. No one has ever done it better. No, not even Dokken…

“Tell No Tales” kicks off on a pristine note, the one-two punch of “Everyone’s a Star” and “10,000 Lovers (in One)” showing a glistening, crystalline TNT emerging from and surpassing the myth-metal direction they could have gone in after the previous album. It’s all positive vibes and celestial cleanliness here.
Catchy as hell, too. There’s no denying how they totally own it on these two openers, as well as third track “As Far as the Eye Can See.”
Glory. Glory. And more Glory.

Then we get into the balladic side of TNT. “Child’s Play” is grandiose, and a rather excellent display of Harnell’s incomparable voice. The song stacks on the lush layers of sound the band were starting to slather on many of their compositions, and the Brian May-esque approach of guitarist Ronni Le Tekro is in keeping with the Queen-like studio approach that TNT display throughout this album.
Later ballad “Northern Lights” is the ethereal flipside of “Child’s Play,” a step into pure AOR territory, and it’s undeniably beautiful. Commercial, super-slick, squeaky clean authority comes back with “Listen to Your Heart,” a track of considerable emotional weight.

So is there anything resembling TNT’s edgy, metallic past here? Absolutely. “Desperate Night” is dark and brooding, a mid-paced thing of epic stature. Textured and layered, “Desperate Night” may indeed be the ultimate TNT track if you’re looking for serious epic metal within an unapologetic melodic foundation.
Then there’s the title track: melodic metal amped up in precision and power. This song smokes. It has to be considered in any serious metal fan’s library of greatness. “Tell No Tales” decapitates with its sharp Le Tekro riffing and insane solo, topped by the incredible command Harnell has of his high pitched wail.

If I could compare how TNT sounds here, it would have to be Europe’s Out Of This World era (only that “Tell No Tales” appeared earlier) mixed with all the American charm of the second half of the ’80s. It has the emotional feel of Europe, yet also has the fun side of US melodic hard / glam which go together perfectly.

TNT - Tell No Tales [LTD Japan SHM-CD Remastered UICY-75603] back

This Japanese SHM-CD Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP) version of “Tell No Tales” was requested by a reader of this blog, and I can see why: to check the remaster.
The original production of the album was – and still is – awesome, but this remastering blows out of the water any previous release: vibrant is the word.
A Must Have.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

フォーマット:SHM-CD; 品番:UICY-75603
TNT】 Tell No Tales ~ [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]

01 – Everyone’s A Star
02 – 10.000 Lovers (In One)
03 – As Far As The Eye Can See
04 – Sapphire
05 – Child’s Play
07 – Listen To Your Heart
08 – Desperate Night
09 – Northern Lights
10 – Incipits
11 – Tell No Tales

Tony Harnell – vocals
Ronni Le Tekrø – guitars, guitar synthesizer
Morty Black – bass guitar, pedal synthesizer
Diesel Dahl – drums, percussion
additional personnel:
Håkon Iversen – background vocals
Bård Svendsen – keyboards and programming
Bjørn Nessjø – keyboards and programming
Carlos Waadeland – keyboards and programming

Out Of Print:

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