SCORPIONS – Crazy World [Japan Deluxe Edition SHM-CD remastered +5]

SCORPIONS - Crazy World [Japan Deluxe Edition SHM-CD remastered +5] full

This one is a request; SCORPIONS‘ “Crazy World [Japan Deluxe Edition SHM-CD remastered +5]“. In 2015, the band released several of their albums for its ’50th band anniversary’, freshly remastered (HERE). But “Crazy World” wasn’t part of the campaign.
So here it is, featuring the latest remastering and pressed on high quality SHM-CD, including five bonuses.

Driven by the popularity of a historically significant song, “Crazy World” was a commercial success in 1990 for Scorpions. The eleventh overall studio release by the Germans charted high in the US and is the group’s highest selling album all time in the UK. Formed a quarter century earlier, this record also ushered in a fourth decade of production for Scorpions and showed that they still had plenty of creativity and rock originality in contemporary times.

In an effort to distance themselves from their Dieter Dierks-produced sound who had worked with the band on every previous album dating back to the mid ’70s, the group brought in studio veteran Keith Olsen (Whitesnake), who worked to update Scorpions to 1990: clean hard rockin’ groove with a clear sound.
Scorpions also enlisted the help of talented studio composer Jim Vallance (B. Adams), who contributed to several of the album’s tracks.

Starting off the album, “Tease Me Please Me” is a pure late Eighties-style rocker with good, deep riffing and majestic vocals by Klaus Meine. The song’s chorus has a catchy hook with rudiment accents. The second track, “Don’t Believe Her”, follows in much the same vein as the opener. In fact, this song is so similar it could be the second part of a multi-part suite (which it is not), using the same composers and the same vibe.
“To Be with You in Heaven” starts with simple drum beat by Herman Rarebell along with swelling guitar feedback before the two instruments join forces in unison.

That ‘historically significant song’ is of course, “Wind of Change”. written solely by Meine and is the true classic from this album (not to mention one of the all-time rock classics). The group’s most genuine track, the lyrics come in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall and forecast a similar change in Russia (which actually happened the following year, just as the song was peaking). “Wind of Change” holds the record for the best-selling single by a German artist, topping the charts in seven nations across the globe (including Germany) and reached the Top 5 in both the US and UK.

“Restless Nights” contains a methodical bluesy crunch with interesting and melodic verses. Here bassist Francis Buchholz has a few moments to shine through and Meine gets to show off his vocal range. “Crazy World” was the last album to feature Buchholz, a veteran from the band’s classic lineup.
The album’s original second side starts with a couple of hard rockers “Lust or Love”and “Kicks After Six”. “Hit Between the Eyes” follows with some nice fire-one style rudiments and a hyper arrangement throughout, including a cool duo guitar lead by Jabs and Schenker.

SCORPIONS - Crazy World [Japan Deluxe Edition SHM-CD remastered +5] back

Coming down the stretch, we have the steady rocker “Money and Fame”, featuring a cool talk box effect by Jabs, who co-wrote the track with Rarebell. The title track, “Crazy World” has interesting chord progressions and a deep and smooth harmony during the chorus hook.
Vallance plays some moody keyboards along with Schenker’s picked acoustic on “Send Me an Angel”, a ballad which is at once melancholy and hopeful. The true highlight of this closer is Meine’s vocal which shine through with another indelible hook to complete the album.

“Crazy World” put Scorpions into the ’90s, with a refreshed sound courtesy of Mr. Olsen. It’s one of the germans best balanced albums.
The sound quality of this SHM-CD is top notch, and you have 5 bonus.
Highly Recommended


01 – Tease Me Please Me
02 – Don’t Believe Her
03 – To Be With You In Heaven
04 – Wind Of Change
05 – Restless Nights
06 – Lust Or Love
07 – Kicks After Six
08 – Money And Fame
09 – Hit Between The Eyes
10 – Crazy World
11 – Send Me An Angel
12 – Wind Of Change (Spanish Version)
13 – Wind Of Change (Russian Version)
14 – Big City Nights (Live B-Side)
15 – Holiday (Live B-Side)
16 – Hit Between The Eyes (Live B-Side)

Klaus Meine – lead and backing vocals
Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals
Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Francis Buchholz – bass
Herman Rarebell – drums
additional musicians:
Koen van Baal, Robbie Buchanan – keyboards on “Wind of Change”
Jim Vallance – keyboards on “Send Me an Angel”
Michael Thompson – guitar on “Wind of Change”
Erwin Musper, Keith Olsen – backing vocals


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