KIMBALL JAMISON – Kimball Jamison [Japan edition +1]

KIMBALL JAMISON - Kimball Jamison [Japan edition +1] full

When you think about major numbers in AOR history, immediately two names come to mind; Toto and Survivor. The soaring vocals that kept these melodies in so many fan’s hearts come from two amazing singers: Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison.
For the first time in their career, Bobby and Jimi joined forces to record a CD together, and the result is “KIMBALL JAMISON“, in this Japanese edition including a bonus track and different artwork.

Ego troubles here? Not at all. Bobby and Jimi are long time friends and have been singing live together with the ‘Legends Of Rock’ and the ‘Voices Of Classic Rock’, which consist of singers and musicians from very popular Classic Rock groups.
From these classy singers you would expect a large dose of ’80s arena ready, radio friendly, and extremely catchy melodic rock, and you would be right.
“Kimball Jamison” is pretty amazing.

With the majority of the songs penned by the likes of Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Jim Peterik (Survivor, Pride Of Lions), Randy Goodrum (Steve Perry, Toto), John Waite, Erik Martensson (W.E.T.) and Robert Sall (Work Of Art) among others, you can’t go wrong.
Bobby and Jimi take it in turns to sing the verses in general before combining on the chorus and their different distinctive voices make it easy to identify their respective contributions.
The back up band is excellent; Alex Beyrodt handling guitar duties, Matt Sinner on bass, keyboards supplied by Jimmy Kresic and Martin Schmidt performing drums and percussion.

The album opens up with a familiar Survivor-like staccato guitar / keyboard riff on “Worth Fighting For”. A classy fist pumping-style track to die for, with a lovely melodic guitar solo. It pretty much sets the standard for this great CD.
“Can’t Wait For Love” comes over all nice then kicks into a mid paced slice of AOR heaven. Both singers blend perfectly their harmony vocals on this anthemic number, with equal time for each terrific voice they both have a chance to shine.

The splendid melodic line of “Sail Away” has all the ingredients that made this genre the best on the planet. Commercial, catchy tune ready for radio.
“Chasing Euphoria” is a fast paced rocker with great vocal interchanging between the two protagonists. Perhaps the repeated refrain is a bit redundant, but the magnificent chorus will stick in your mind for days to come. Meaty guitar solo here.
Next is the first ballad, the atmospheric “Find Another Way” which is very reminiscent of Survivor in their prime. Really nice and touching track.

“Get Back In The Game” is a winner. This is a tremendous AOR arena rocker with first class vocal harmonies, catchy rhythm and a big guitar tone. This is what rockin’ AOR is all about guys. The best track on this album and surely a live favorite. A 10/10 gem.
The most ’emphasized vocal’ track is the mid-tempo rocker “I Did Everything Wrong”. A mature sounding song with a punchy melodic rhythm and classy, soaring performances by Bobby/Jimi. Another highlight.

“We Gotta Believe” is a mid-paced tempo with very nice smooth harmonies. This track has a solid Euro Melodic Rock structure.
And then you have “Kicking And Screaming” with a hint of Bon Jovi’s ‘Born To Be My Baby’ imbued in its skeleton featuring urgent impassioned vocals and another excellent guitar solo.
The album ends exquisitely with the soaring ballad “Your Photograph” delivering the goods. As plus, the Japanese bonus is a a more relaxed, smooth remix version of “Sail Away”.

KIMBALL JAMISON - Kimball Jamison [Japan edition +1] back

The AOR pedigree of Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison is simply unquestionable, both having molded the classic AOR sound. But with these monsters together, you need to make the project work.
And works great on all aspects.

Their voices are in top form on this record, the songs are fantastic and the musicians involved excellent. All wrapped by a top notch production by Matt Sinner, ably assisted by Jimmy Kresic, (both doing double duty), very clean, crisp and warm, finely mixed to showcase the superbly talented musicians’ performances.
Honestly, there’s not a bad song here, “Kimball Jamison” is a winner.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Worth Fighting For
02 – Can’t Wait For Love
03 – Sail Away
04 – Chasing Euphoria
05 – Find Another Way
06 – Get Back In The Game
07 – I Did Everything Wrong
08 – Shadows Of Love
09 – Hearts Beat Again
10 – We Gotta Believe
11 – Kicking And Screaming
12 – Your Photograph
13 – Sail Away (Remix)

Bobby Kimball : Lead & Background Vocals
Jimi Jamison : Lead & Background Vocals
Alex Beyrodt : Guitars
Mat Sinner : Bass
Jimmy Kresic : Keyboards
Martin Schmidt : Drums & Percussion


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