JOHN GALT – Still Drinking (2019)

JOHN GALT - Still Drinking (2019) full

“Still Drinking” is the title of the new album by JOHN GALT, a four-piece band from Kharkiv, Ukraine, formed in summer 2010 that plays classic hard rock heavily influenced by modern Swedish glam / sleaze and a little bit of punk. In fact that ‘punky’ flavor is just American-sleazy punch like Guns N’ Roses circa 1986.

John Gält is not a singer or the name of the founder member: their name is taken from a famous book, Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. The band is commanded by lead vocalist Ostap Moliavko and lead guitarist Oleg Rudnev, while the rhythm section has been changing over the years.

John Gält debuted on October 2011 with the self-managed 3-track EP ‘First Run’ who gained the favor of both critics and fans, and attracted the interest of italian glam / hard rock label Street Symphonies Records, and released the band’s first full length ‘Served Hot’.

On ‘Still Drinking’ – you know the lyrical content – what really matters is the music, and John Gält sounds darn fine emulating the 1987 L.A. / Sunset Strip scene. Ostap has the proper raspy, dirty type of voice for this kind of glammy hard rock, and production is very, very good.
The joyful ‘Cheers!’, ‘Angels of Rock’n’roll’, ‘Camaro’ and the melodious ‘Two Are Better Than One’ are among the highlights on this release, but all tracks are fine and entertaining.

JOHN GALT - Still Drinking (2019) inside

As said above, on “Still Drinking” John Gält are serving the US ’80s hard rock, hair metal, sleaze / glam metal style, filtered by the contemporary European / Scandinavian sleaze/glam sound.
They have succeeded in balancing well on their ’80s, early ’90s and ’00s influences. Their sound is also heavy, vigorous and tight, enhanced by a punchy production / mix.
So if you like this kind of hard rock, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by John Gält’s quality in this matter.
Highly Recommended

01 – Cheers!
02 – On / Off
03 – Angels of Rock’n’roll
04 – Drink Until You Die
05 – Stand up to the Job
06 – (Meet You In) Australia
07 – Camaro
08 – Black Label
09 – Two Are Better Than One
10 – White Widow
11 – When Nature Calls
12 – Burn (Nothing in the End)

Ostap – Vox / Guitar
Oleg – Guitar
Sid – Bass / Back Vocals
Tilip – Drums


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