BUCKCHERRY – Warpaint (2019)

BUCKCHERRY - Warpaint (2019) full

BUCKCHERRY is ready to roar back with the March 8 release of its eighth studio album ‘Warpaint’. And frontman and co-founder Josh Todd says the Los Angeles hard rock veterans were “really thorough” in putting together the 12-song set.

With ‘Warpaint’, the band maintains their familiar sound while continuing to expand on their influences at the same time. Produced by Mike Plotnikoff, who also helmed the band’s 2005 breakthrough album 15, you can definitely hear elements of their early sound coming into play.
Big guitars and hard-hitting drums surround Todd’s raspy vocals on just about every track. However, you can hear new elements and influences peaking their way through as well.
The three-song arc of “The Alarm,” “No Regrets” and “The Hunger” bring in a sort of acoustically-tinged sound to the band’s bluesy hard rock.

There are plenty of places where ‘Warpaint’ shines. The album features some of the band’s most ambitious, hard rocking songs to date. The disc comes out swinging with its pounding drums and electricity-filled guitar melody with title track, a fitting beginning that puts the entire album in perspective.
Not slowing down one bit they slowly build up this tribal rhythm on the track “Right Now” but with this comes a beautify placed acoustic and chunky groove.

With our third track on this album, we get Buckcherry’s take on the Nine Inch Nails’s classic “Head like a Hole”. I think this version of the song is very well done, the guys crushed it. Just turn it up loud and rock out cause you know they did recording it.
These guys just kill it with their ballads and “Radio Song” is one of the best they’ve written. Single “Bent” is an aggressive tune that pushes through with powerful guitar riffs and vocals that feel as out of control as the song’s lyrics.

“The Closer“ is a high octane thriller meant to get you excited and pumped up. Loved the solo on this one it keeps soaring and climbing the adrenaline was rising for sure.
The album ends strong with “The Devils In The Details,” a politically-charged track with unique pacing and impassioned chanting that moves through like a steamroller. It’s a trashy glam revival stomping out locations all over the world while pulling out huge fat riffs and a rolling tide of thundering drums.

BUCKCHERRY - Warpaint (2019) back

“Warpaint” finds Buckcherry sticking to the hard rock they know best while continuing to explore the extent of their sound. From the aggressive hard rock tunes to the downtempo ballads, the band makes one of their most accessible, hard-rocking albums to date.
This LP is exactly what you’re looking for in a Buckcherry album, it’s honest, raw and packed with an ass-kicking attitude.
Highly Recommended

01. Warpaint
02. Right Now
03. Head Like A Hole
04. Radio Song
05. The Vacuum
06. Bent
07. Back Down
08. The Alarm
09. No Regrets
10. The Hunger
11. Closer
12. The Devil’s In The Details

Josh Todd – vocals
Stevie D. – guitar
Kelly Lemieux – bass
Kevin Roetgen – guitar
Sean Winchester – drums


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