BAI BANG – Cop To Con [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered +1] Out Of Print

BAI BANG - Cop To Con [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered +1] full

Founded in the second half of the ’80s, BAI BANG still is one of the best Melodic Hard rock band coming out of Sweden. Arguably, their best record is their second effort appeared in 1991, the irresistible “Cop To Con” now being remastered and reissued by AOR Heaven on their ‘AOR Heaven Classix‘ series with a bonus track.

Despite the band’s quality, Bai Bang aren’t usually mentioned alongside their Swedish contemporaries Treat, Dalton, Bad Habit and others. Maybe it’s because their first album ‘Enemy Lines’ was a rather hideous and poppy one, and it took them a few years to come up with a strong follow-up in the form of “Cop To Con”.

BAI BANG - Cop To Con [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered +1] booklets

Including 10 Melodic Hard Rock catchy bombs inspired by the sound & style of Jani Lane’s Warrant and Poison but with an unmistakable Scandi flavor, “Cop To Con” rocks.

There’s hook-laden gems like title track “Cop To Con”, “Answer”, the very Warrant-like “Arrow” and the highly harmonized “Run To The End”, all adorned with keyboards.
The AORish “Hearts On Fire” is one of my favorites, together with the mid-tempo semi-ballad “Love Is Strong” where the band recall their countrymen Talk Of The Town.

BAI BANG - Cop To Con [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered +1] back

AOR Heaven has respected the original artwork – the album was first published by German label Jaguar – later modified for the American version and again for the Japanese.
Digitally remastered by Chris Lyne, “Cop To Con +1 AOR Heaven Classix” was released strictly limited to 500 copies and has become quite scarce and hard to find.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Cop To Con
02 – Answer
03 – Arrow
04 – Neat Time
05 – Run To The End
06 – Adrenalin
07 – Hearts On Fire
08 – Strange Request
09 – Code To Your Heart
10 – Love Is Strong
11 – Hot Love

Diddi Kastenholt / vocal
Eric Kalle Mansson / guitar
Claas Wallin / bass
Martyn Karlsson / keyboards
Mille Wendel / drums


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