SYRENCE – Freedom In Fire (2019)

SYRENCE - Freedom In Fire (2019) full

“Freedom In Fire” is the debut album from SYRENCE, and from the first 3 seconds of the opening track you’ll know this is a German band. Yes, that guitar riff / sound is typically Scorpions, and when you get into the CD you’ll fine more nice, classic rock / metal influences.
Syrence is a five-piece hard rock band from Stuttgart and the production of “Freedom In Fire” was in the hands of Achim Kohler, while Primal Fear’s Ralf Scheepers took care of the production of the vocals.

Syrence offer pure, no-frills hard rock / classic metal with certain power and a lot of melody to it and it seems to incorporate influences from Scorpionss, Dio, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath (the Dio and Tony Martin eras), and even Thin Lizzy and Rainbow at their most aggressive.
The Judas Priest influence is in fact on the vocals, with singer Johnny Vox quite similar to Rob Halford circa 1979.
In fact, this 12-track CD very often brings to mind one of my all-time favorite records, more specifically “Sin After Sin” by the aforementioned Judas Priest.

Anyway, Syrence are able to drop catchy riffs, some memorable choruses, and strong vocals that cover a lot of ground.
I especially dig the fact that these skilled German dudes know how to infuse their song material with diversity and enthusiasm so that “Freedom in Fire” ultimately comes across as a musically exciting and confident output.

SYRENCE - Freedom In Fire (2019)

There’s quality well-written tunes as “Living on the Run”, “Symphony”, “Your War”, and “Addicted” due to their majestic riffs, hard-hitting drums, and excellent vocal lines. The latter in particular stands out as a huge highlight of the disc.
This is ’80s inspired stuff for sure and the musicianship and production are according to these genres, tight and well rounded. It’s all classic stuff and very, very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended

01. Freedom In Fire
02. Living On The Run
03. Your War
04. Fozzy´s Song
05. Addicted
06. Symphony
07. From Ashes To The Sky
08. Evil Force
09. Red Gold
10. Wild Time
11. Kings Of Speed
12. Seven Oaks

Johnny Vox – Lead Vocals
Oliver Schlosser – Guitar
Julian Barkholz – Guitar
Fritz Jolas – Bass
Arndt Streich – Drums


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