PHIL VINCENT – Hypocrite (2019)

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One of busiest musicians in the Rock scene, PHIL VINCENT is releasing his new solo album “Hypocrite” in a few days. Believe it or not, “Hypocrite” marks Vincent’s 21st solo album, and that’s not counting his works with Legion, Cranston, Tragik, D’Ercole, etc.

With each new album, this American multi-instrumentalist is getting better and better.
Vincent loves ’80s melodic hard rock, and his Dokken / Winger influences are of course present on this new CD, like on the intense opener ‘Broken’ or the pretty killer ‘Caught in the Act’ – one of my favorites with its synths and broken guitar riffs.
Then, for some ’80s style AOR, check ‘Never Enough’.

But Vincent is an unquiet musician, and try something different as well.
There’s a strong piano line in “Back in the Day” alongside the guitars with som kind of a Boston feel on this melodic rocker with an early ’80s atmosphere.
Then ‘Nobody’s Gonna Miss You’ gets heavier with some Legion touch, and ‘Waste of Time’ explores some progressive arrangements.

For the end, title track ‘Hypocrite’ adds modern percussion and some electronics for a rocker with a bit of Sixx AM on it. I don’t know if this works for Vincent, but kudos for the experimentation.

PHIL VINCENT - Hypocrite (2019) back

Phil Vincent continues delivering interesting material on “Hypocrite”. He handles all the music aspects, from songwriting and instrumentation to production, and he’s cleverly enough to bring to his records some help when needed; all guitar solos are performed by the skilled Vince O’Regan & Peter Cox.
Strong, varied and interesting new album.

01 – Broken
02 – Back in the Day
03 – What Might Have Been
04 – Nobody’s Gonna Miss You
05 – Waste of Time
06 – Caught in the Act
07 – Long Way Down
08 – Time Will Tell
09 – Untitled
10 – Prima Donna
11 – Never Enough
12 – Hypocrite

All Vocals & Instruments – Phil Vincent
Drums – Dirk Phillips
Lead Guitars – Vince O’Regan, Peter Cox
Electric and Acoustic Guitar – David Zychek

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