MIKAEL ERLANDSSON – Capricorn Six (2019)

MIKAEL ERLANDSSON - Capricorn Six (2019) full

Since almost fifteen years, at the end of each year we have a new Last Autumn’s Dream album, but their singer MIKAEL ERLANDSSON has a solid solo career as well. The Gothenburg-based frontman started his career in the late ’70s as a drummer of punk band, something that’s hard to imgine while listening to his new solo album “Capricorn Six”.

‘Capricorn Six’ is ERLANDSSON’s sixth solo recording including ten melodic rock songs, all of high quality. As known from Swedish musicians and bands, there must be something in their veins that provides these guys with a great sense for big melodies and Erlandsson isn’t an exception.
Tunes like ‘Pain’ and ‘Break Another Heart’ are catchy and easy-going, but not sugar sweet. There’s still enough of a rocking component weaved into these tracks, something that even peaks in harder numbers such as ‘Evil’.

There’s plenty of details that punctuate the songs, full of hooks and elaborated melodies. It’s a real pleasure to hear a smooth mix of keyboards, Hammond, harmony vocals, refined arrangements, effective guitar solos, effects, etc, always helping to enhance the flavor of each song and without unnecessary saturation.

Take a listen to ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’ and discover classic ’80s flavored melodic rock yet with an updated, relevant 21st Century feel. And don’t forget the beautiful ballad ‘Had To Let You Go’, of the best I’ve heard in recent years.

‘Capricorn Six’ is a bringer of a feel-good vibe. It’s the sun that enlights some dark and frosty winter days, with quality all over.
MIKAEL ERLANDSSON ‘has it’, that special charm that few are able to convey.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Eye of the Hurricane
02. Why
03. Pain
04. Evil
05. Hard to Let You Go
06. Break Another Heart
07. Fear the People
08. OK
09. I Just Wanna Love You
10. Alice in Wonderland

Mikael Erlandsson – Vocals
Sayit Dölen – Guitar
Pontus Engborg – Drums
Joel Starander – Bass

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