LEGS DIAMOND – A Diamond Is A Hard Rock [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2018)

LEGS DIAMOND - A Diamond Is A Hard Rock [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2018) full

Rock Candy Records has just remastered the hard to find, first three LEGS DIAMOND albums, all with a large amount of bonus tracks. Regarded as one of the finest American hard rock LP’s from Seventies, “A Diamond Is A Hard Rock [Rock Candy remaster +6]”, never sounded better.

After their killer debut album “Legs Diamond”, hiring Eddie Leonetti (Giuffria’s Angel) to produce this follow up LP was a master stroke as he infused the songs with a groove and commerciality which made the ‘Legs’ so irresistible.
First comes the title track’s fist-pumping attack, then it’s the dragging-nearly-stalling pace but cool strut of the organ-laced “Waiting” with its fantastic groove.

These are followed by one of the Legs Diamond’s catchiest, most powerful numbers ever in “Long Shot” (great guitar solo as well); and there’s “Woman”, an excellent ballad (with Rick Sanford putting in a stellar vocal performance) which became a regional hit in several markets, and now it’s a classic tune.

LEGS DIAMOND - A Diamond Is A Hard Rock [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2018) booklet

‘Side two’ (I still remember playing this LP vinyl to death) boasts additional career highlights, ranging from the irrepressible tandem of “I Think I Got It” and “High School Queen,” to the sensual, sauntering “Evil,” borrowing heavily from Uriah Heep.

The bonus tracks from this Rock Candy reissue are demos, yet taped with a really good pre-production quality audio, and all rock hard.
Recorded in their native Los Angeles, “A Diamond Is A Hard Rock” showcases Legs Diamond at the very peak of their powers, unleashing a veritable barrage of rock solid material.
Cleverly bridging the gap between balls to the wall hard rock and more catchy / melodic content, the album builds on their reputation as a band that could easily combine clever instrumental prowess with hard as nails riffs.

LEGS DIAMOND - A Diamond Is A Hard Rock [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2018) back

“A Diamond Is a Hard Rock” stand out as perhaps the best album of Legs Diamond’s career, pound for pound. A really welcomed reissue in all its glory.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Diamond Is A Hard Rock
02 – Waiting
03 – Long Shot
04 – Woman
05 – Jailbait
06 – I Think I Got It
07 – Evil
08 – Live A Little
09 – Flyin’ Too High
10 – High School Queen
11 – Teaser
12 – It Takes More Soul (To Rock & Roll)
13 – Stumbler
14 – Showtime In Chicago
15 – Evil

Rick Sanford – vocals, percussion
Roger Romeo – guitars
Mike Prince – guitars, keyboards
Michael Diamond – bass
Jeff Poole – drums, percussion


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