FIND ME – Wings Of Love [Japan Edition +1] Out of Print + 2 New Songs 2019

FIND ME - Wings Of Love [Japan Edition +1] Out of Print + 2 New Songs 2019 - full

The new, third album from FIND ME will be released at the end of this month. Meanwhile it’s more than appropriate to revisit their first album “Wings Of Love”, in this out of print Japanese edition including a bonus track.

But wait, there’s more; the just released new advanced single “True Believer” from the 2019 album, plus the first ‘No Tears in Paradise’ appeared a month ago. Both awesome tunes.

This all-star alliance Find Me and their debut album named “Wings Of Love” started as a collaboration between the multi-talented drummer / songwriter / producer Daniel Flores (Seventh Wonder) from Sweden and one of the most in vogue vocalist in the AOR little circles, Canadian Robbie LaBlanc of BLANC FACES fame, augmented by guitarist Daniel Palmqvist (Xorigin) and bassist Jonny Trobro.
Assisting in the writing department are Soren Kronqvist (Crash The System) and the ever-reliable Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.), along with contributions from Frontiers Music regular Alessandro Del Vecchio and Vega brothers Tom and James Martin.

The music itself is energetic and mass appeal is ensured by having an abundance of soaring vocal lines and swirling keyboards to appease melodic lovers, while there’s also enough bite in the guitars to keep the harder-edged Rock fans happy.
A modern Scandinavian feel also pervades proceedings throughout, with the overall sound not too far away from W.E.T. debut, but personally I believe the songs on this album are even better – no mean compliment.

The tracks are just about the right length too, plenty of opportunity is given for the instrumentation to shine, but without any of them outstaying their welcome.
The opening quartet of songs among the best AOR / MR of the decade: ‘Road To Nowhere’ and ‘Another World’ are upbeat anthemic melodic rockers, then the pace is calmed slightly for the gloriously melodic AOR of ‘Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat’, before the album’s sole ballad ‘Eternally’, a true lighter-in-the-air epic featuring a wonderfully emotional performance from LaBlanc.

That said, the quality of the songs is excellent throughout, and while many albums have their standout cuts towards the start, for me the real highlights here bring up the rear.
A nod to Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’ is always a good thing in my book, and Find Me have one in the shape of the excellent ‘Unbreakable,’ then the album closes with two more top-drawer anthems with the title-track and ‘Your Lips.’

Top of the tree for me though is the barnstorming ‘Bottom Of My Heart’, another rousing number with a great chorus of epic proportions.
As Japanese bonus, we have an acoustic version of ‘Your Lips’, demonstrating once again a good song is always a good song no matter the environment.

FIND ME - Wings Of Love [Japan Edition +1]  back

Find Me is close to Melodic Rock perfection, from songwriting & arrangements to performances.
Needless to say, this debut CD is a must in your collection.

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Victor Entertainment 【MICP-11112】
F I N D   M E

01 – Road To Nowhere
02 – Another World
03 – Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat
04 – Eternally
05 – Firefight
06 – On The Outside
07 – One Soul
08 – Powerless
09 – Bottom Of My Heart
10 – Unbreakable
11 – Wings Of Love
12 – Your Lips
13 – Your Lips (Acoustic) (Bonus Track For Japan)

New Tracks 2019:
14 – True Believer
15 – No Tears in Paradise

Robbie LaBlanc – Lead and backing vocals
Daniel Flores – Drums, percussion, keyboards
Daniel Palmquist – Guitars
Johnny Trobro – Bass
Michael Palace – Lead guitars on 14,15

Out Of Print

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