BLANC FACES – Falling From The Moon [full retail]

BLANC FACES - Falling From The Moon [full retail] full

After new awesome Find Me album appeared yesterday, I think it’s time to feature at this blog the essential two BLANC FACES albums. “Falling From The Moon” is the second release, and for the moment, the last, from Blanc Faces.
As with the band’s self-titled debut, Robbie handles lead vocals and rhythm guitar while Brian bass duties. Session drummer Kyle Woodring (Survivor) also makes a return appearance on this album. Sadly, he passed away shortly after its completion, so “Falling From The Moon” is dedicated to his memory.

One thing quickly become apparent when you spin this album; from the start you know you’re listening to something special. This is the kind of music – call it AOR, melodic rock, arena rock – that was everywhere between 1988 and 1991.
Think of those great bands you used to love – Foreigner, Alias, Valentine, Giant, Sheriff, Bad Company with Brian Howe. Blanc Faces channels all of them beautifully.
So many of the songs on “Falling From The Moon” have that classic AOR sound you’d swear this album has been locked in a vault for the last 20 years.

Smooth ballad “Deep in the Heart” could have been an Alias or Boulevard single, and rocking opener “I Come Alive” sounds like a Bad Company (circa Holy Water) hit. Every single song reminds you of a classic melodic rock band, but without sounding derivative.
You have to give the lion’s share of the credit to Robbie Le Blanc’s vocal performance. His voice is ultra smooth, but packs a punch when it needs to. His timbre is somewhere between Alias / Sheriff frontman Freddie Curci and Brian Howe, and that’s a damn good place to be.

Another key component of Blanc Faces’ formula is the presence of Pink Cream 69 mastermind Dennis Ward behind the mixing desk. Ward is probably the best mixing / mastering talent in the melodic rock world, and he adds his trademark polished touch / cohesion to this album.

BLANC FACES - Falling From The Moon [full retail] back

Honestly, if you are a fan of this kind of music as the ‘80s rolled into the ‘90s, you absolutely have to own this album. “Falling From the Moon” is AOR / Melodic Rock perfection, and will instantly take you back thirty years when this beautiful music ruled the radio.
A Must

01 – I Come Alive
02 – Falling From The Moon
03 – I Swear To You
04 – Everything
05 – It’s All About The Love
06 – Goodbye Summer Goodbye
07 – Deep In The Heart
08 – Don’t Take It Away
09 – Like A Believer
10 – Light Of The World
11 – I Will
12 – Fly

Robbie LaBlanc – Vocals, Guitar
Brian LaBlanc – Vocals, Bass
Butch Taylor, Michael Patzig – Guitar
Jeff Batter – Keyboards
Kyle Woodring – Drums
mixed by Dennis Ward


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