44 MAGNUM – Prisoner [Japan Edition] (2019)

44 MAGNUM - Prisoner [Japan Edition] (2019) full

We have featured HERE a remastered reissue of 44 MAGNUM‘s debut album some time ago. Now this pioneer band from the Japanese hard rock / metal scene are celebrating their 35th anniversary, and for the event we have here their brand new record titled “Prisoner”.

44 MAGNUM first LP appeared in 1983, arguably one of the greatests debut by any Japanese metal / hard rock act ever, very much in style with Loudness but a little more on the ‘glam’ side.
The band remained active all these years, with nine full albums and several EP / singles.

“Prisoner” completes the circle, as this is 44 MAGNUM farewell album and tour, and for the all-time fans, includes songs written in the ’80s. Also, despite his health issues (Parkinson) original vocalist Tatsuya “Paul” Umehara appears on some tracks.

All songs here have a mid-Eighties American hard rock flavor, with a slightly metallic side here and there. Of course the Loudness circa 1987 comparison is inevitable, however 44 MAGNUM’s are more bouncy.
Think very early Dokken, Keel’s heavier side, a bit of Fifth-Angel and Jack Starr’s Burning Starr.

44 MAGNUM - Prisoner [Japan Edition] (2019) back

As happens with most Japanese hard rock / metal bands, mix & production sound is ‘clinical clear’, and there’s some accent on the vocals, but there’s part of the charm with Asian acts from this genre.
All songs on “Prisoner” are strong, rocking, plenty of killer riffs / solos. And all really ’80s.
Highly Recommended

01. I’m Lonely Man
02. Girl
03. Come On Let’s Go!l
04. Ow!
05. I Don’t Know What You Say
06. Be4 We Leave Together -Quite Decade City-
07. Through The Night
08. I Believe This Town
09. UK

Tatsuya “Paul” Umehara – Lead Vocals
Hironori “Ban” Yoshikawa – Bass
Satoshi “Jimmy” Hirose – Guitars
Satoshi “Joe” Miyawaki – Drums
Stevie Umehara – Vocals


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