HEIST – High Heel Heaven [remastered +2] Out Of Print

HEIST - High Heel Heaven [remastered +2] Out Of Print - full

Here’s another request from a quite unknown band from the late ’80s American rock scene; HEIST, and their only album “High Heel Heaven”. Perhaps due of being released by a label like I.R.S. (International Record Syndicate) specialized in pop acts, “High Heel Heaven”, originally appeared in 1989, got buried by the load of excellent other Melodic Hard Rock releases that year.
But take for sure that Heist were good, very good at their game. This is the digitally remastered version of “High Heel Heaven” including two bonus tracks, reissued some years ago, now deleted.

Heist added to the Melodic Hard Rock style of the era a touch of edge via blazing guitars and top-notch musicianship.
While Paul Holdgate’s vocals are an acquired taste, he adds a powerful punch to the band’s already meaty delivery, but the songs are very melodic and hooky.

Numbers like ‘Laws of Love’ and ”She Doesn’t Matter” are pretty awesome melodic hard rockers – all very catchy, hook-laden tracks with killer riffs, ‘Deep In the Night’ is a lovely ballad with some Dokken on it, then ‘Kiss Me’ is great traditional hard rocker with that aforementioned edge.
For some party glam metal check ‘Loose Lipps’ or title track ‘High Heel Heaven’, and ‘Say You’re Sorry’ delivers some midtempo AOR waves so 1989 (which I love).

HEIST - High Heel Heaven [remastered +2] back

This remastered reissue add two worthy bonus tracks in the form of the catchy midtempo ‘Don’t Forget Me’ and the solid ‘Misery’.

There’s many bands to take as reference for Heist’s sound & style: Black N’ Blue, Y & T , Hurricane, Malice, and also the harder side of Night Ranger – yeah, Jeff Watson guest with some guitar licks here, as well as Kelly Keagy providing backing vocals.
But if I have to make a more precise comparison, “High Heel Heaven” reminds me a lot of Icon’s ‘Right Between The Eyes’ album, also released 1989.
Highly Recommended

01 – Loose Lipps
02 – High Heel Heaven
03 – She Doesn’t Matter
04 – Deep In The Night
05 – Sink In Pink
06 – Speed Higher
07 – Kiss Me
08 – She Needs Love
09 – Tighter
10 – Say You’re Sorry
11 – One More Dream
12 – Laws Of Love
13 – Don’t Forget Me
14 – Misery

Paul Holdgate – lead vocals
Kurt Fry lead – guitar, vocals
Steve Robello – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Craig Truman – bass
Darryl Hill – drums
Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) – guitar
Ronnie Montrose – guitar
Kris Kelly – guitar
Louis Biancaniello (Michael Bolton) – keyboards
Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) – backing vocals

Out Of Print

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