GRAND DESIGN – Viva La Paradise ‘Special Mission’ [re-mixed +4 new tracks] (2018)

GRAND DESIGN - Viva La Paradise 'Special Mission' [re-mixed +4 new tracks] (2018) full

Swedish melodic rockers GRAND DESIGN released their new studio album Viva La Paradise last April, but not happy with the overall sound they are re-releasing the CD re-titled “Viva La Paradise Special Mission”, remixed, remastered, with updated cover art and 4 new tracks (3 brand new songs and 1 cover).

Grand Design are, that’s clear, very much Def Leppard influenced from the infectious choruses to the multi-layered production. But I can’t resist to their songs. And all in “Viva La Paradise” are pure ’80s.
Perhaps the best way to get this band and enjoy their music is reading vocalist / songwriter Pelle Saether own words:
“We wanted that Def Leppard sound to it. You know: 96 channels of choirs just running you over, and I think we nailed it”, says Pelle when asked to sum up the work with the album.

The comparisons with giants Def Leppard doesn’t bother him, quite the contrary: “Def Leppard are my Gods of rock ‘n’ roll. When I dreamed up this album I set out to make music in the vein of their 80’sound”, says Pelle.
“I missed that sound and those songs. I couldn’t find any band that matched that, and then I decided to give it a shot. I’m not denying that I tried to copy that sound and vibe. Damn it: those guys are my heroes”..
“I’m proud of where I come from musically, and if you want to pin me down as a copycat, fine. I don’t care, this is the music of my heart and soul”.
Wow, brave words… but clearly illustrate Grand Design focus. They did it with their previous albums, they did it with “Viva La Paradise Special Mission”.

‘Face It’, ‘Rawk N Roll Hysteria’, title track ‘Viva La Paradise’, ballad ‘Aim 4 The Heart’, ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ or the driven ‘U Can’t Fool Love’ are full-on choruses, anthemic tunes almost identical to Def Leppard works 1987-1993, a multi-layered recording technique which defined an era, and gained fans (like me) forever.
Now all these have been re-mixed / tweaked, and sound even more polished.

GRAND DESIGN - Viva La Paradise 'Special Mission' [re-mixed +4 new tracks] (2018) back

About the new, extra tracks, all are good: ‘Miss U Tonite’ is a fine unplugged melodic rocker, ‘Major Key’ has an AORish feel akin Last Autumn’s Dream, while the punchy midtempo ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ is ready for the arenas.
Pure ’80s stuff folks… HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Face It
02 – Rawk ‘N Roll Hysteria
03 – Viva La Paradise
04 – Don’t Ice Me Out
05 – Aim 4 The Heart
06 – I Would Be The Wind
07 – Love Shouldn’t Hurt
08 – It’s Only Straight From The Heart
09 – Too Late To Fall In Love
10 – U Can’t Fool Love
11 – Miss U Tonite
12 – Let’s Turn On The Nite (It’s Christmas Time) (cover)
13 – Major Key
14 – Fight Fire With Fire

Pelle Saether – Vocals
Janne Stark – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dennis Vestman – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Stefan – Bass
Perra – Drums


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