DAMN DICE – Thriller Killer (2018)

DAMN DICE - Thriller Killer (2018) full

UK hard rockers DAMN DICE are releasing today heir self-proclaimed ‘final album’ titled “Thriller Killer”. Lead vocalist Alex Davidson said about the group’s decision to make Thriller Killer its “last” album:
“Despite our decision to make this our last album, this does not mean that the band is over. On the contrary, we feel like we are just getting into our stride. We will continue to produce and release new music, but have decided that the album ‘format’ is not the way forwards.”

Davidson continued: “We feel like the music industry has changed completely even within the lifetime of Damn Dice. Producing and releasing a full length album is a time and money sink. It’s no longer practical to sit on new material until an album is finished, which basically means going off the radar for long periods. Now that the era of physical media is more or less over, it seems that the album format is an arbitrary throwback that doesn’t make sense for us.”

“Thriller Killer” is the second album from Damn Dice, and seems their last with an ‘album’ format. Well, it doesn’t matter much how these guys will deliver their music in the future; Damn Dice are one of the most polished, ’80s inspired arena-ready unsigned band from Britain.
The band works hard to get a place into the local scene: they are “too rock for metal and too metal for rock”. The songs are hard rock, yet some with a metal punch – and they do have one.

Take as example title track, or “Stories I Write”; it rocks with balls. It has a chug, but it has a chorus of rare quality – and a hook you can hang your big winter coat on. There are arena bands that will never do this in their lives, yet here are five reprobates from London who make this sh1t look like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

“This Time” (key line: you get out of life what you put in”) is the sound of five men who want to take on the world, “Turn Back The Clock” is the fist pumping anthem of a band that just might.
Working with producer James Loughrey (Queen, Def Leppard, The Darkness) has helped them create something mighty, “Leaving With Nothing” is right from the Stone Broken playbook (and, lets face it, there are worse role models for them to have) while you suspect the filthy sounding “Fire Below” is one they all enjoyed – key line: “heaven ain’t looking down on our bad behavior”.

In truth, there’s nothing here that doesn’t sound like the most fun ever. “Got To Know” brings some mighty double-kick drumming, and “Blood And Tears” does something a little more mid-paced, but no less superb.

DAMN DICE - Thriller Killer (2018) inside

“Back Again” has some magnificent gang vocals, “Behind You” has a feel-good sentiment, to show, perhaps that even rock ‘n roll has a heart these days – and they deserve credit for not making this a cloying ballad that sucks all the life out of things.
In honesty, this isn’t a record for ballads. “What A Life” hints at something a bit more bluesy, but basically does the same thing as the rest of them. And that isn’t meant as a criticism, either.
“Find Me” – the closing one – is actually as close as this gets to balladry, but it never quite gets there.

“Thriller Killer” is such an arena ready record that in ten years’ time Damn Dice are gonna be packing them. It’s nothing less than thorough enjoyment from start to finish with certain stretches where it really gets to grips with wants and tastes.
Different songs will work for individual appetites but if hard rock and metal infused rock ‘n’ roll hits your sweet spot then Damn Dice is well worthy of an hour of your time at the very least.
Highly Recommended

01 – Thrill of the Kill
02 – Stories I Write
03 – This Time
04 – Turn Back the Clock
05 – Leaving With Nothing
06 – Fire Below
07 – Got to Know
08 – Blood & Tears
09 – Back Again
10 – Behind You
11 – What a Life
12 – Find Me

Alex: Lead Vocals
Wallis: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Diego: Rythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marco: Bass, Backing Vocals
Fransoa: Drums, Backing Vocals


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