SIX FOOT SIX – The Six Foot Six Project (2018)

SIX FOOT SIX - The Six Foot Six Project (2018) full

SIX FOOT SIX was formed by Kristoffer Göbel, associated with acts like Falconer, Destiny and Aldaria. Also joining the project is Christoffer Borg from melodic rockers Taste, performing on and mixing their debut album The Six Foot Six Project.

Inspired by his childhood musical heroes and all the way to modern rock acts, Göbel decided to write these songs with a certain ’80s / early ’90s feel, while Borg provided his experience in this ‘era’ to shape the album’s sound.
There’s several Swedish musicians adding their touch such as guitarist and singer Niklas Stålvind (Wolf), and vocalists Magnus Winterwild (Axenstar) and David Åkesson (Quantice), among others.

Essentially, Six Foot Six deliver classic melodic hard rock with some edge here and there, with a little ‘hard n’ heavy’ ’80s feeling as well.
Gobel is from the current Swedish metal scene, but as many musicians, grow up listening to ’70s / ’80s classic stuff, and at some point want to write and play the music he loved during his formative years.

You’ll discover that the songwriting emphasizes three influential elements: guitar harmony, vocal harmony, and a solid rhythm section. To expand upon those things, the metal edge mostly comes from the sharp riffs, stinging solos, and steady bottom end. Yet that same rhythm section drops an infectious hard rock beat and groove. Ergo, bang your head while you tap your toe to the music.

On the harder, hard n’ heavy side you have ‘Virus Inside’, ‘Bleed For Mankind’ and ‘In Defiance’. But that last song, along with ‘Falling Sparrow’ and ‘Anomia’ have more than a little AORish sweetness and accessibility.
With ‘Pride And Glory’ and ‘Test Of Time’ you’ll find some catchy tunes that revolve around riffs over big drums and, for the former, power from some hard charging rock. While the vocal harmony is self-evident throughout, you’ll hear a fine rock choral arrangement in the outro of ‘Falling Sparrow’.

It’s all solid stuff in “The Six Foot Six Project”, benefited by varied songwriting always inspired by the golden years but updated to modern times with a vibrant production sound. Additionally, you have different vocalists adding a nice touch.
The album cover doesn’t reflects the music inside, this is is overall a very melodic collection of songs very well crafted.
Highly Recommended


01 – Virus Inside
02 – Bleed for Mankind
03 – Falling Sparrow
04 – Frozen in Time
05 – Pride and Glory
06 – Anomia
07 – Test of Time
08 – In Defiance
09 – From the Ground
10 – Ephemeral

Kristoffer Göbel – guitars, vocals, keyboards
Christoffer Borg – guitars, backing vocals, keyboards
Henrik Hedman – drums, backing vocals
Anders Kiel – guitar, backing vocals
Markus Gustafsson – bass, backing vocals
Niklas Stalvind – guitars, lead vocals
Magnus Winterwild – lead vocals
David Akesson – lead vocals


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