MIKE TRAMP – The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Disc 2 DANISH LIONS – *Exclusive*

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Today we are presenting a must have collectors item: MIKE TRAMP’s “The Bootleg Series”, a private 7-CD Box collection released some time ago in a very, very limited quantity only via Tramp’s website.
This Box includes all Mike Tramp recordings since his early days with STUDS, then DANISH LIONS, WHITE LION’S pre-production / unreleased stuff, and more.
The name “Bootleg Series” is just to give the release some ‘charm’. I assure that the sound quality is not ‘bootleg’ at all, but mostly excellent, first rate.

Disc 2 is a just another gem; the morphing of Mike Tramp’s first band Studs to LION, also known as DANISH LIONS.
Early in the ’80s Mike’s first band Mabel became Studs, and Studs became Lion. Here’s the story.
Tramp had the chance to meet and spend few days with Van Halen in Madrid, Spain in ’81. Studs and VH shared the same record company there.

When Tramp gave Van Halen members their LP with Studs and told them his aim to establish in the USA. David Lee Roth said; “You can’t call the band that in the USA, unless you aim to play for same crowd as Village People”. At the time, ‘Studs’ was the name of a famous NYC hardcore gay club.
That night Mike changed the name of the band to Lion.

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Disc 2 DANISH LIONS inside

Lion went to New York City in July ’82, and also become 5 members band, with a 17 year-old Tramp dead-ringer by the name of Oliver Steffensen, joining the band.
They played the NYC clubs for the next 6 months and in November ’82 they did a show at L’Amour Rock club in Brooklyn. On the same bill was a band called Dreamer, their guitar player’s name was Vito Bratta, and the rest is history…

This recording from New York taped in 1982, is the final recording of Mabel — who became Studs and then Lion. Mike and the guys were the happiest guys in town, they were recording and playing in the USA.
Four months later Lion broke up. The songs on this record are the same that the first
version of White Lion performed in the early club days
And of course ‘El Salvador’ made it all the way to ‘Fight to Survive’.

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] Studs Danish Lions - back

Great, rare as Hell recording.
A collector’s item

01 – Running With The Night
02 – Brooklyn Boy
03 – Deep In Love
04 – El Salvador
05 – When Rock ‘n’ Roll Was Born
06 – Take Me Home
07 – How Does It Feel
08 – You’re The Only Girl
09 – Two People
10 – Wild Boys
11 – Bring It On Home

MIKE TRAMP - The Bootleg Series [Private 7-CD Box] discs

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